Returnal Dev Housemarque Is Teasing… Something

Housemarque is Teasing Something for Returnal

Housemarque, the Sony-owned studio behind the PS5 exclusive Returnal, is teasing…something.

Eevi Korhonen, senior narrative designer at the studio, recently quote tweeted a post from the studio’s main account.

“We filmed something really amazing today,” he said. “Hope we get to share more soon!”

Korhonen wasn’t the only one. Noemi Sinuosette, Brand Producer for Housemarque, was also teasing something regarding the future of Returnal.

After a vague post from the same quote tweet, Sinuosette added “Today was pretty memorable! Loads of work, and SO MUCH FUN! Spending time with 2 of the people that contributed to making Selene the incredible character she is was definitely a highlight.”

Selene, of course, is referring to Selene Vassos, the protagonist of Returnal. This could indicate future DLC plans for the game. We may be getting to experience more of Selene and discover more of her story. Of course, this is just speculation.

Released earlier this year on April 30, exclusively for PlayStation 5, Returnal was a critical hit. Developer Housemarque won the Breakthrough Award at this year’s Joystick Awards.

Returnal made our list of PS5 games we’d love to see come to PC. Sadly, no news of such an occurrence has been confirmed. This teasing, sadly, is unlikely to be related to that.

As soon as Housemaqrue and/or Sony announce future plans for Returnal, we’ll let you know.


Written by Jake Valentine

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