Riders Republic: How to Get Wingsuit | Location

Riders Republic is getting quite a lot of attention despite the community showing little interest in it back when it was announced. But primarily, players are trying to grind out the game and get items such as the Wingsuit quickly before the competition. The game’s gameplay is somewhat unique with players having different equipment to choose from before races. Today, we’ll go through how to get the Wingsuit and its location!

How To Get Wingsuit | Location – Riders Republic

As I said, players can choose different gear before every race. That’s why there’s so much interest about the Wingsuit item, and the fact that it is a bit overpowered sure incentivizes players to get it quickly.

The Wingsuit cannot be obtained by finding it in races, despite popular belief though. And it doesn’t necessarily have a “location”.

To get the Wingsuit in Riders Republic, players need to collect at least 30 stars in the game. Once a player has did that, they’ll be rewarded with the Wingsuit and the Rocketwing along with some other rewards.

In fact, once 30 stars have been collected, Air Career and Paramotor get unlocked as well.

Other gear and equipment in the game can be unlocked in similar fashion, by collecting stars. So, make sure that you get all of the stars you come across in the game.

Whether you’re a motocross main or a skis main, there’s a good chance that you might find using the Wingsuit and the Rocketwing pretty cool. Riders Republic’s developers have done a good job of making all of the mechanics feel optimized.

What we mentioned above about getting the Wingsuit is regarding the first Wingsuit in the game. Of course, there are other versions of the item which can be unlocked in different ways, or bought through the shop.

Written by Borut Udovic

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