Risk of Rain 2 All New Items & Changes (DLC)

Risk of Rain 2 is an action platformer game where you need to escape an alien planet of monsters. While it has been quite some time since the game’s release, it recently received a major update called the Survivors of the Void. In this article, we will tell you all the changes and new items added in the Survivors of the Void update.

The Survivor of the Void update brings the first expansion to the game while also adding lots of new changes. The new DLC is currently only available for PC while the console versions are expected in the near future. Do note that you will need to purchase the expansion to access all the new content in the game.

All New Items & Changes DLC – Risk of Rain 2

These are all the changes you can expect with this new update:

  • Two new survivors: The update brings two new survivors called Railgunner and Void Fiend. Railgunner is a skilled markswoman equipped with an M99 sniper while Void Fiend is a corrupted combatant who can harness the void as a lethal weapon. Each of these survivors has its own unique mechanics and playstyles.
  • New environments: The update also adds five new stages for players to explore. These include the new Aphelian Sanctuary, Sulfur Pools, Siphoned Forest, Void Locus and a new stage offering an alternate ending. Each of these stages is filled with rich and diverse terrains with different secrets for you to discover.
  • New game mode: The Simulacrum is a new game mode where you will face waves of enemies inside the Void simulation and it will end only after all the players get defeated. You can team with your friends to fight against difficult enemies that evolve themselves with each level. If you manage to survive till the end of the wave then your entire team will be revived during the next wave.
  • New enemy types: The update also adds different types of enemies with 11 new monsters,3 bosses and 2 elites types. New monsters include the Alpha Construct, Blind Pest, Blind Vermin, Clay Apothecary, Gup, Geep, Gip, Larva, Void Barnacle, Void Infestor and Void Jailer. While you need to beware of the 2 new elites called the Mending and Void untouched. The three bosses you will encounter are Void Devastator, Voiding and Xi Construct. Together all these enemies will pose a challenging threat to players so you will need to observe their behaviour and form a good strategy to defeat them.
  • New alternative ending: You will face a new endgame boss in the game that provides you with an alternative ending and expand the story of the game.
  • New tracks: The update also adds new music composed by Chris Christodoulou making your encounter with enemies more thrilling and intense.
  • New items: The update adds 40 new items so you can enjoy a larger variety of combinations.While 18 of these items are normal, 14 of them have a more powerful void version. There are also two interactables called Void Cradle and Void Potential added to the game.

This is the list of all the 40 new items that have been added in this update:

  • Mocha: Slightly increase attack speed and movement speed
  • Power Elixir: Receive and instant heal at low health. Consumed on use
  • Delicate Watch: Increases damage by 20%. Taking damage to below 25% breaks this item
  • Oddly-shaped Opal: Reduces damage for the first time you are hit
  • Roll of Pennies: Gain 3 gold by taking damage from an enemy
  • Shipping Request Form: Get a delivery each stage that contains powerful items
  • Hunter’s Harpoon: Killing an enemy gives you a burst of movement speed
  • Regenerating Scrap: Lets you 3D print an uncommon item once per stage without consuming another item
  • Shuriken: Activating your Primary skill also throws a shuriken
  • Ignition Tank: Your ignite effects deal 2x more damage and last 2x as long
  • Laser Scope: Critical Strikes deal an additional 100% damage
  • Spare Drone Parts: Drones fire faster, have less cooldowns, shoot missiles, and gain a bonus chaingun
  • Ben’s Raincoat: Become immune too all debuffs. Increase maximum health by 100
  • Pocket ICBM: All missile items deal more damage and fire an additional two missiles
  • Symbiotic Scorpion: Permanently reduce armor on hit
  • Bottled Chaos: Activating your Equipment triggers an additional, random effect.
  • Defense Nucleus: Summon an Alpha Construct on killing an elite
  • Stone Flux Pauldron: Double your health but halve your movement speed
  • Light Flux Pauldron: Halve your cooldowns but halve your attack speed
  • Eulogy Zero: Items and equipment have a small chance to transform into a Lunar item instead
  • Egocentrism: Gain multiple orbiting bombs. Every minute, assimilate another item into Egocentrism
  • Executive Card: Gain 10% cash back on all purchases. Multishops remain open
  • Goobo Jr.: Spawns a gummy clone that expires after 30 seconds
  • Molotov (6-Pack): Throw 6 flaming molotovs that ignite enemies upon shattering
  • Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn: Execute a large monster and claim its trophy. Consumed on use

Void items: The developers have also added a new type of item called Void items in this update. They can corrupt all the existing items in the item class to make them more powerful and create a new effect. These void items are:

  • Safer Spaces: Block the next source of damage. This item corrupts Tougher Times
  • Needletick: Chance to collapse enemies on hit. This item corrupts Tri-Tip Daggers
  • Lost Seer’s Lenses: Gain .5% chance to instantly kill a non-boss enemy. This item corrupts all Lens-Maker’s Glasses
  • Weeping Fungus: Heal while sprinting. This item corrupts all Bustling Fungi
  • Encrusted Key: Gain access to an Encrusted Cache that contains a void item. This item corrupts all Rusted Keys
  • Polyute: Chance to repeatedly strike a single enemy with lightning. This item corrupts all Ukuleles
  • Singularity Band: Powerful hits also fire a black hole that draws enemies in. This item corrupts all Kjaro’s and Runald’s bands
  • Voidsent Flame: Full health enemies all detonate on hit. This item corrupts all Will-o’-the-wisps
  • Plasma Shrimp: While you have a shield, fire missiles on every hit. This item corrupts all AtG Missile Mk. 1s
  • Tentabauble: Chace to root enemies on hit. This item corrupts all Chonobaubles
  • Benthic Bloom: Upgrades your items at the start of each stage. This item corrupts all 57 Leaf Clovers
  • Newly Hatched Zoea: Periodically recruit allies from the Void. This item corrupts all yellow items
  • Pluripotent Larva: Return to life after death with brief invulnerability. This item corrupts all Dio’s Best Friends
  • Lysate Cell: Adds a charge to your Special skill. This item corrupts all Fuel Cells

That being said, this is certainly a massive update that brings tons of changes to Risk of Rain 2. As always there are other minor changes in this update that will improve and enhance your gameplay experience. The Risk of Rain 2 Survivor of the Void is now available for PC players and the expansion is priced at $15 dollars on Steam.

Written by Borut Udovic

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