Roblox Apeirophobia: Level 13 To 16 (Full Walkthrough)

Apeirophobia is a puzzle survival game in Roblox where players have to navigate levels inspired by the Backrooms in order to reach the exit and survive. Many of the levels here will include going through mazes to look for objectives while creatures are pursuing the player to kill them.

The levels are not randomly generated and have fixed maps so it would be best to take note of the areas or make a mental map.

Level 13 To 16 (Full Walkthrough) – Roblox Apeirophobia

Level 13 – The Funrooms

For this first part of the level, you will need to look for 5 buttons in the shape of a star.

Once you find and press them, the next area will be unlocked and a monster will now start appearing behind you.

When it teleports behind you, you have to turn around and maintain eye contact until you are far away and out of its line of sight.

In the following area, you will need to find 3 plushies.

The area is a large maze, but at most times the plushies can be found in party rooms with balloons and colored chairs. After collecting all 3 plushies, run to the door on the stage to get to the next level.

Level 14 – Electrical Station

In this level, you will need to look for a screwdriver and a wirecutter.

They spawn randomly in any of the rooms so you will have to look inside every single room in this large maze.

The monster that spawns here will attack you if you look at it which will cause alarms to go off.

If you look at it again while the alarms are blaring, then you die. You need to go to the generator room to flip the 3 switches there to turn the alarm off. You also die if the alarms go on for too long.

Once you have both items, return to the starting point. Use the screwdriver to open the box, and the wirecutter to cut the wires.

Inside will be a computer that you can type “y” into which will open the exit for this level.

Level 15 – The Ocean of the Final Frontier

This is a simpler level than the previous ones. You will be placed in a boat while there is a giant creature coming after you. If it reaches the boat, everyone dies.

All you have to do is patch the holes in the boat or extinguish the engine when it’s on fire.

You have to keep doing this until the boat reaches the end, for about 3 minutes.

Level 16 – Crumbling Memory

Possibly the hardest level in the game. It is another maze level however this time the floor and walls are covered with black tar, making visibility very low.

Luckily, you are provided with a flashlight you can use.

The goal of this level is to find the exit. Keep searching for a vent.

Go down the vent, through the narrow walkways and run for the exit!

Written by Borut Udovic

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