Roblox: Tower of Hell Servers Commands List

Roblox Tower of Hell Commands List

There are a lot of unique and amazing games that people can play and enjoy in Roblox. There are thousands of great and enjoyable mini-games within the game. Thousands of talented creators add new games every day.

One of the most popular games in Roblox is Tower of Hell. Tower of Hell is a Roblox game that was created by uwuPyxl and ObrenTune. It features a tower with 6 different sections. The game’s main goal is to reach the top within 8 minutes. Once a player reaches the top, the speed is doubled, and everyone else will have less time to climb the tower.

However, you can also play Tower of Hell on a private server and enjoy the game with your friends. In a private server, you have a bit more control over the rules of the game, and you can use different commands to change the game.

Here is a complete commands list for Tower of Hell servers.

Tower of Hell Servers Commands List

Tower of Hell

There are a few general settings that you can change when playing Tower of Hell on a private server. These include commands for the length of your tower, shop commands, and kicking or banning certain players.

General Commands

  • /setlength [4 – 200] – This command controls the length of the tower. You can simply choose a number between 4 – 200, and the tower will resize to fit that length.
  • /lock – This command simply locks the shop and stops players from buying gear or mutations.
  • /unlock – This command is simply the reverse of the lock command. It unlocks the shop and allows players to buy.
  • /kick [username] – This command kicks a specific player from the server. However, they can still rejoin if they want to.
  • /sban [username] – This command will automatically ban the player from the private server until the session ends and will not allow them to rejoin.

Bomb Commands

Additionally, private server owners can add an extra twist to the Tower of Hell by adding a bomb that players pass around. This concept is relatively similar to hot potato, but instead, you blow up.

  • /givegear bomb – This command gives the owner a bomb to start the game
  • R – Adds an extra 10 seconds to the bomb’s timer
  • T – Adds 1 minute to the bomb’s timer
  • F – Removes 10 seconds from the bomb’s timer.
  • G – Removes 1 minute from the bomb’s timer.
  • [Number in chat] – Adds that amount of time in seconds to the bomb’s timer.
  • Clicking – Starts the bomb’s countdown.

Note: These controls only work when you are holding the bomb.

Section Filter Commands

There are also some filters that you can apply to the game. These filters allow you to control the types of sections that the tower spawns.

  • /filtersections conveyor – Only allows conveyor sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections kills – Only allows killpart sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections locals – Only allows local sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections phantom – Only allows phantom sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections !conveyor – Doesn’t allow conveyor sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections !kills – Doesn’t allow killpart sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections !locals – Doesn’t allow local sections to spawn.
  • /filtersections !phantom – Doesn’t allow phantom sections to spawn.

You can also add in multiple different filters by simply using a “&” to separate the different section types. Mixing and matching the different sections can help make the game a little bit more interesting and fun.

Custom Theme Commands

Finally, we have some custom theme commands that change the color and look of your menu. This works on any server and allows you to fully customize the Tower of Hell menu according to your preferences.

  • /ctheme AccentColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Changes the color of the accent.
  • /ctheme BackgroundColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Changes the color of the background.
  • /ctheme TextColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Changes the color of the text.
  • /ctheme ButtonColor;[0-1,0-1,0-1] – Changes the color of the buttons.
  • /ctheme BackgroundTransparency;[0-1] – Changes the transparency of the background.
  • /ctheme ButtonTransparency;[0-1] – Changes the transparency of the buttons.

The numbers “0-1” for each color represent the RGB values. This changes the color of the accent, background, text, or button according to the number that you input. On the other hand, the “0-1” in transparency commands represents opaque or see-through. A “0” value will result in an opaque look, while a “1” value will result in a see-through menu.

Those were all the different commands that you can use in Tower of Hell in Roblox. Start customizing your Tower of Hell experience in a private server using these different commands.

Written by Borut Udovic

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