Roblox Troll Ruben Sim Has Been Permanently Banned the Game

Roblox troll Ruben Sim has been permanently banned from ever playing the game again
Image Via Roblox Corporation

Roblox is one of the most popular video games in the world. In 2021, an average of 190 million gamers played the game each month. And the vast majority of these players are children and teens.

Unfortunately, some adults are willing to come in and ruin the games for everyone with bad behavior. A troll named Benjamin Robert Simon took this type of behavior to the next level. And now, a US Court has ruled that Simon, known as Ruben Sim, is banned from playing the game for life.

Image Via Roblox Corp.

Sim has used homophobic language, threatened other players, and attempted to upload naked pictures of himself in the past. Roblox Corporation also alleges that Simon and some of his followers shut down a San Francisco Roblox Convention by making terroristic threats.

A Northern California judge has now ruled against Simon. The judgment read:

“It is ordered that Defendant [Simon] is hereby permanently restrained and enjoined from the following actions: a. Making, publishing, or re-publishing false threats of terrorist activity relating to Roblox; b. Knowingly making false statements of fact about Roblox; c. Glamorizing or encouraging violence against Roblox, its employees, or facilities.”

The troll was also ordered to stay away from Roblox Corporation buildings or employees and delete any recently made videos.

Simon will also be shelling out some big money. The court is ordering to pay the company $150,000 in damages. They were initially suing the troll for $16 million.

In a statement provided to PC Gamer, Roblox noted, “We don’t have anything to add beyond what is already in the filing.”

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