Roblox’s 3-Day Outage Was The Result Of A “Subtle Bug”

Roblox has finally made its full return after a three-day period that saw the game’s servers cascade into failure.

Following the outage, Roblox CEO David Baszucki took to the company’s website to explain how “a combination of several factors” led to the oddly long period of interruption.

As Boss Level Gamer originally reported, the outage coincided with a free Chipotle burrito giveaway, leading some people to believe the outage was associated with an increase in traffic.

Baszucki says this was an “especially difficult outage” to fix.

“A core system in our infrastructure became overwhelmed, prompted by a subtle bug in our backend service communications while under heavy load. This was not due to any peak in external traffic or any particular experience. Rather the failure was caused by the growth in the number of servers in our datacenters. The result was that most services at Roblox were unable to effectively communicate and deploy.”

The company doesn’t believe any user data was lost during the issue. The company has also promised to release more information about the outage in the future.

Roblox has also said they will make sure that the strongly supported creator community will be made “economically whole” following the loss of revenue caused by the outage.


Jason Ripley

Written by Jason Ripley

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