Rocket League’s Newest Halloween Event Features 3 Different Playable Batmobiles

Batmobile For Rocket League

Both soccer (football) and car racing games have been popular going back to 1980’s arcades. Game developer Psyonix had the brilliant idea to combine the two. The result was Rocket League, a soccer game where the players are cars.

Batmobile For Rocket League
Image Via Psyonix

The idea behind the game allows for all different versions to be created. Psyonix has created partnerships with a number of different IP’s including comic books. And in their latest Halloween release, users will be able to play with a number of different Batmobiles.

3 versions of the iconic car will be available.

The first will be the vehicle driven by the Michael Keaton Batman in the 1989 film as well as 1991’s Batman Returns. Players can also play with the Christian Bale Batmobile featured in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. And finally, the car driven by Ben Affleck in the most recent DC movies will be available.

The best part about Batman, though, has always been his rogues gallery of villains. And there will be cosmetics featuring them as well. Harley Quinn’s hat can be used to top a vehicle. And Mr. Freeze’s face can be used as tire rims.

Psyonix recently dropped a trailer for the new event which will be called Haunted Hallows. The event will begin tomorrow, Thursday, October 14th.

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