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Rogue Legacy 2 | Best Traits List

Rogue Legacy 2 Traits Guide

Deep within the dungeons of Rogue Legacy 2 lies numerous challenges that require precise timing and execution. Whenever the player spawns a new heir to continue the game, they’re frequently offered one or two traits to take with them. Now, most of these traits come with some negative effects in order to activate the positive buff. However, some are purely cosmetic and futile, while only a select few can provide outstanding results. After digging through the game’s 55 unique traits, we’ve picked out 10 of the best for this guide.

The 10 Best Traits in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 10 Best Traits

For the uninformed, the traits are randomly generated upon starting up a new character. Depending on the game’s chance of rolling traits, your character might have one, two, or nothing to adapt to. Some of them can provide a bonus in obtaining gold during your run, but this usually comes with a cost. Each trait is hidden until you play whichever character their traits adhere to. From there, the description and qualities of the traits will be disclosed. You’ll need to continuously play the game in order to unveil how each feature works. But if you’re in need of knowing which ones are the best, here are 10 of the most noteworthy traits:


Description: Next-level nerd. +50% Magic Damage and +50% MP Capacity. -25% HP.

An ideal one for the mage class, Bookish provides a solid boost in magic attacks with an increase in MP capacity. Even though you will lose 25% of your HP, you can find health-based relics that can potentially refill your max HP. The Gnawed Bone and Blessing of Life relics complement Bookish wonderfully, and it gives the player a better fighting chance. No gold boost here, however.


Description: You’ve got maps on the mind. Map is revealed but you have no position marker.

For the Cartographer, your position on the map will now be hidden in favor of revealing all chests and rooms in your current run. Evidently, this works well with treasure hunters who aim to obtain the various unlockables throughout the Kingdom.


Description: You’re a fighter, not a lighter. +50% Weapon Damage, -25% Health.

Same with Bookish, the health-based relics will help this trait greatly in the long run. With an impressive 50% boost in dealing weapon damage, Combative is one of the rarer features to play with; you won’t receive a noticeably negative experience when you can fluidly bash in your enemies without breaking a sweat. Combative also doesn’t provide a gold boost, sadly.

Compulsive Gambling/Lootbox Addict

Description: A world of sharks, pigeons, and whales. Only chests drop gold and chest values swing wildly!

This particular attachment is perfect for farming gold in the game. If you’re in desperate need to obtain more currency on upgrades for your Manor, Compulsive Gambling is a no-brainer for Rogue Legacy 2 players. Keep in mind that only gold will drop from chests, and their given amounts can climb up to 350% in value! Compulsive Gambling also provides a 25% bonus in acquiring gold.


Description: Mind into matter. 25% less health, but you can only be hit in the heart.

You’re a fighter. Your heir’s hitbox is drastically reduced to simply their heart, turning you into a partially transparent warrior. Disattuned is ideal for working around hazards and projectiles that are fitted into the environment. You can essentially walk through them without getting hurt, all for the mere cost of 25% less health.

Rogue Legacy 2 Giantism Trait


Description: You make other people self-conscious about their height. You are gigantic.

The info before you says it all: you are bigger than your previous heir. With Gigantism, your character’s hitboxes are significantly increased, thus allowing you to deal intense damage with a single strike. This trait also adds a small area boost for certain spells. A 25% gold bonus is in effect with Gigantism.

Hero Complex

Description: Your self-sacrifice is actually self-sabotage. 100% more Health but you can’t heal, ever.

The Hero Complex trait is probably best used when you’re ready to take on a boss. Since you’re unable to regain health, going through a normal dungeon run isn’t the right call here. But if you’re finding yourself low on health upon approaching a boss battle, this trait can beautifully come in handy. If you’ve unlocked a boss’s respective teleporter via Maria the Pizza Girl and you have Hero Complex, consider that enemy to soon be extinguished.


Description: The Spring of Youth ends sooner or later. HP regenerates, but you lose some Max HP when hit.

Now, Hypercoagulation is a bit tricky to become accustomed to. Basically, you don’t need to worry so much about health pickups to restore your HP; on the other hand, you have to worry about not getting hit. That being said, if you’re a platforming acrobat who has a knack for not getting struck a ton, this trait is for you. It’s perfect for agile players who have no problem flipping through the Kingdom without frequent scratching. And in case you’re wondering, there is no gold bonus here.

Super IBS

Description: Every day is Taco Blast Tuesday. Your Talent is replaced with Super Fart.

It is exactly what it says. Your new heir is capable of emitting deadly flatulence upon the enemy. Your gas is powerful enough to deal damage and burn your foes, along with a self-launch that’ll send your heir upwards. There is a 2-second cooldown, but this trait is good for both attacking and having a laugh.


Description: You have zero viscosity. -20% Health, but you can dash in ANY direction.

If you’re familiar with the impossible Fairy Puzzles, this trait is definitely for you. A 20% loss in HP is a minor setback compared to being able to dash in any direction. You can easily traverse hard-to-reach spots that eventually end in failure and disappointment. Additionally, you can use Superfluid to evade enemies and their attacks, giving your heir the power of air control to move about the Kingdom with a breeze.

And there you have it! Obviously, there are plenty of other traits to experiment with and utilize, along with the other unlockables that your heirs can collect. Be sure to continue exploring the Kingdom and to watch your step out there!

Written by Andrew Smith