10 Of The Rudest Celebrities According To People That Interacted With THem

meghan markle
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Some celebrities sure know how to make an impression – and not always the good kind. Users of a popular online forum narrated off-putting encounters with stars, and it’s like they got a manual on how to be rude to their fans!

1 – Gordon Ramsey

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Someone shares their experience at a food exhibition in Birmingham where Gordon Ramsey was signing his book. During the event, another fan approached him with a bottle of Gordon’s gin as a present.

To everyone’s surprise, Ramsay brushed her off by saying he didn’t have time for this. I guess he was too busy yelling at someone in the kitchen to accept a thoughtful gift.

2 – Katherine Langford

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Next, we have Katherine Langford, the actress who shot to fame with her role in the popular show 13 Reasons Why. A former background actor mentions a less-than-stellar experience with her on set.

The setting required them to walk behind Katherine Langford, but when they did so, she expressed discontent, exclaiming that the extras needed to stay in their lane. It sounds like someone needs to learn to play well with others!

3 – Bill Cosby

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A former police officer comments about the time they had crowd control duty in the 90s. They were surprised when Cosby complained about the lack of privacy and nosy fans over a simple compliment. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be so arrogant with a history like Cosby’s.

4 – Sofia Vergara

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Sometimes you don’t even have to talk to get into trouble. A photographer explains the time they were mistaken as paparazzi by Sofia Vergara. Before they could even explain themselves, Vergara started yelling and complaining. Maybe next time, she should double-check who she’s yelling at!

5 – Bill Nye

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Bill Nye was the keynote speaker at a math and science conference a few years ago. Here, a user mentions encountering him on an elevator where he refused to talk to anyone around him. When they attempted to converse, Bill ignored or told them to stop. I guess he was too busy thinking about the next scientific breakthrough to be cordial.

6 – Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle is always in the spotlight due to her prestigious position. Hence, seeing her not meet that image is disappointing. Someone talks about their waitress friend’s experience with her. When the staff went up to meet her, she became incredibly unkind. So much so that a fellow waitress even cried.

7 – Richard Madeley

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Another individual mentions working in the same vicinity as Madeley, where they had to use the same narrow staircase. On one occasion, they had to open the door for Madeley to pass through.

Madeley breezed past without a word of thanks. He would also flat-out ignore other visitors who’d try and have a quick chat with him. It sounds like he has somewhere to be!

8 – Jenna Coleman

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The former Doctor Who actress is accused of not being a pleasant person to be around. Someone comments about the time they were doing Torchwood Day with their sick daughter at Starbucks. Upon approaching Jenna, they were dismissed before finishing their sentence. Without even listening, Jenna stormed out of the venue. 

9 – Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne has been a favorite of many who grew up watching Disney shows—one such fan comments on their experience of running into her. Not only did she ignore the greeting, but she also signed an autograph callously without looking. Long day, huh?

10 – Preity Zinta

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Hollywood stars are not the only ones on the list. Someone who once worked in five-star hotels mentions their experience with Preity Zinta, the Bollywood diva. As her butler for a day or two, this person had to welcome her. Just as they introduced themselves to Zinta, she cut them off and told them to show up only when needed.

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