Rumor: She-Hulk Will Be the Latest Character DLC in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers was released in 2020 with an impressive roster of characters. Gamers, though, were hungry for more. So, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have dropped a new character into the game every few months.

Kate Bishop, the new Hawkeye, was first, and the character recently starred in a new Disney+ show. Next, the beloved Black Panther was part of the War for Wakanda story expansion. And just recently, Spider-Man swung into the game, perfectly timed with the release of No Way Home.

According to a rumor from Twitter user Miller, the next character DLC will be She-Hulk. Miller wrote on his Twitter feed, “Krizia Bajos will be playing Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk when she appears in Marvel’s Avengers.”

Is Miller a reliable source? He has been right in the past. The Twitter user was the first to leak that Christopher Judge would be the voice of the Black Panther on the game.

Bajos, best known for her role in Arcane, also seemed to confirm the rumor herself. She quote tweeted Miller’s original message with a green heart emoji. The tweet, however, was soon taken down.

If the rumor is true, the timing certainly makes sense. Disney+ is working on a new She-Hulk show. The series is set to star Tatiana Maslany, known to SciFi fans for her star-making performance on Orphan Black. The series, which will also feature Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, will be a legal procedural with plenty of action. In the She-Hulk comic, alter ego Jennifer Walters is an accomplished lawyer.

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  1. I’d be extremely down for this. She-Hulk would be a welcome new tank given most of the current roster are DPS or support focused. I know it’s the popular thing to hate on Avengers, but I’m really excited to get back to it and finally experience the Clint and T’Challa expansions!

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