Runescape Patch for the Week of January 24TH Is Live

Runescape Patch for the Week of January 24th is Live
Photo Credit: Jagex

Developer Jagex has announced that the Runescape patch for the week of January 24th is now available.

The full list of tweaks, changes, and fixes is available below.

Runescape Patch for the Week of January 24th is Live
Photo Credit: Jagex

Het’s Oasis

  • All tablets of Het have now crumbled to dust.
  • The Volcanic Trapper outfit’s double loot perk will now work with Scarab Catching.
  • Hunter Trapper outfits now offer a teleport to Het’s Oasis scarab pools.
  • The Collector’s Insignia now works with Het’s Oasis Agility Course
  • Broken animations in Armadyl’s chat have been fixed
  • The “Say It, Don’t Spray It” achievement requirements have been updated, to correctly work with a fully upgraded Cramulet
  • Dundee’s Crocodile Upgrades now offers automatic looting for 2,500 scarabs caught.
    • * If you already have The Crocodile Hunter achievement unlocked, this upgrade will be unlocked automatically.
  • Toothless’s pointy tooth can no longer be obtained from the water filtration system once the Tooth Fairy achievement is completed.
  • Kill count, death count, and streak from the Duel Arena now carry over to the Duel Anywhere Duellist’s Hat.
  • Grand Seed Pods can now be squashed in Het’s Oasis.
  • Crocodiles will now occasionally resurface to form a shortcut, as part of the Het’s Oasis Agility course.
  • The Farming Master Cape will now automatically supercompost flower bushes in Het’s Oasis.
  • The Fertile Soil spell can now be used to supercompost flower bushes in Het’s Oasis.
  • Rapid Growth and Supreme Growth Potion (leafy) will now work with flower bushes in Het’s Oasis.

General Updates

  • (Reapplied fix) The Terrasaur Maul’s effect will no longer boost abilities applied with Greater Barge if the player is not wielding the weapon.
  • Prevented accuracy-boosting Scrimshaws from very slightly boosting Strength.
  • Added map blocking to the Ripper Demon Cave, to prevent players from negating their attacks using a Combat Dummy.
  • Missing boss tactics have been added to the Beast tab for the following bosses:
    • The Ambassador
    • Astellarn
    • Black Stone Dragon
    • Crassian Leviathan
    • Masuta the Ascended
    • Nex – Angel of Death
    • Raksha
    • Rex Matriarchs
    • The Sanctum Guardian
    • Seiryu
    • Solak
    • Taraket
    • Verak Lith
  • The Fremennik Saga ‘Three’s Company’ has been rebalanced to make it a more enjoyable experience:
    • Owen, Ozan and Ariane’s health has been increased from 320 to 3,200.
    • The health overlay has been tweaked to fit this increase.
    • Damage has been increased to around level 30 for all characters.
    • All enemies’ health and damage have been rebalanced to match these new numbers.
    • Clicking doors will select the locks in front of them, similar to live Dungeoneering.
    • Heim Crab healing has been increased from 20 to 200.
    • Dusk Eel healing has been increased from 70 to 500.
    • Multiple messages have been changed to info boxes to be more visible, including when Carn is immune at the start of the boss fight, when Behemoth is going to use special attack, and when interacting with rubble and the Summoning Obelisk.
    • Some messages have been highlighted green to make them more visible, including your progress in the ice sliding room.
    • Keys are highlighted with a lootbeam when you enter a room.
    • Added a left-click option to the room where Owen and Ozan need to stand on platforms so you can select who you want to stand there. Previously this was hidden behind right-clicks.
  • When fighting the Bulwark Beast, the Daemonheim Dungeoneering Pickaxe’s accuracy is now based on its tier, for example:
    • Level 1 – Novite has 1% accuracy.
    • Level 10 – Bathus has 10% accuracy.
    • Level 40 – Fractite has 40% accuracy.
    • Level 99 – Primal has 99% accuracy.
  • Added following abilities to the ‘Unlocking Expertise’ achievement:
    • Divert
    • Greater Chain
    • Greater Ricochet
    • Greater Concentrated Blast
    • Magma Tempest
  • Fara the Challenge Mistress’ option to tell you about daily challenges now contains significantly less misinformation. You’d think she’d mind her gnome business. We apologise that she was a bit short with you.
  • All Varrock guards have been graphically updated.
  • Fixed issues occurring if a certain number of players took part in the mass in Nex: Angel of Death, including animation errors.
  • After gathering feedback, implemented a change to allow Clue Scrolls from the Scripture of Bik to go straight to the Clue Carrier.
  • The mages in the Glacor Front will now talk to each other every 30 minutes.
  • Fixed a number of typos in Ariane’s dialogue during the Arch-Glacor fight.
  • The Dwarf Multicannon upgrade kit is no longer referred to as ‘Siege Engine Upgrade Kit’ in drop broadcasts, the Adventurer’s Log, and quickchat.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect difficulty information during the Kerapac encounter.
  • Players are no longer being incorrectly told their pickpocket target in Stealing Creation has no items to steal.
  • Players are now able to pickpocket J-Mods in Stealing Creation.
  • Kal’gerion Demon special attacks now correctly drag the player in and heal the Demon in player-owned Slayer Dungeons.
  • The Fayre Hook-A-Duck Flail no longer appears under every weapon type when filtering for specific weapon types.
  • While Crafting, if the player only has enough items to make one piece, the slider will now be at maximum rather than minimum.
  • The Max Cape wasn’t displaying complete status under examine – it will now display correctly after being unlocked.
  • Dwarven Mine: When viewed at 200%, the Mine Resource Dungeon and Dungeon Link map elements no longer overlap and are clearly visible.
  • Capes no longer clip through the Tithe Collector’s Outfit.
  • The Oddment Count in the Treasure Hunter interface now updates whenever Oddments are gained by claiming them as prizes or using them as keys.
  • Information that was missing when obtaining the “Die! Die! Die!” achievement has been restored.
  • Fixed a spelling error with remaining time during the Effigy Incubator D&D.
  • Updated the clickbox for the Innocent-Looking Key found during the Haunted Mine quest, making it easier to interact with on both desktop and mobile.
  • The base of the chair in the Armchair Warrior rest animation is no longer transparent.
  • Fixes have been made to the Loba pet’s textures.
  • When a spell is auto-selected when equipping a magic weapon, an infobox will let you know to make it clearer a spell has been set.
    • If you would like to stop magic spells being auto-selected a new option has been added which can be found in Settings > Combat & Action Bar > Combat Mode > Auto-select magic spell
  • The filter state for the Spells interface will now update correctly.
  • The font colours for achievement states (locked, available, completed and grace) have been updated to be more distinct from each other for easier reading.
  • When a F2P player interacts with the Ancient door to the Senntisten, the dialogue box is correct.
  • The Once Upon a Time in Gielinor: Finale background is now centered.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC names were cut-off the screen during dialogue on mobile devices.
  • Christmas Decorations in Prifddinas and the Grand Exchange have now been removed.

Mobile Updates

  • The Bonecrusher message won’t appear if there’s plenty of space in the player’s Backpack to hold all the Dino Bones.
  • Fixed an issue with a ‘Save Preset’ confirmation popup in Wardrobe.
  • Swapping your Action Bars no longer causes any issues – the buttons update appropriately.
  • The ‘Choose Option’ menu now closes automatically on mobile when opening various interfaces inside the Burthorpe Games Room.

Last Week’s Hotfixes

  • On rare occasions, players were briefly disconnecting after defeating combat NPCs. This has been fixed.


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