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Saints Row Crashed UFO | Where to Find

Saints Row Crashed UFO Location Guide

Saints Row continues to surprise us with wacky weapons and little Easter eggs. We’ve already come across a hoverboard and some super-powered boxing gloves, but there’s one sighting that caught us off guard. Instead of another insane firearm, there’s actually a crashed UFO site for players to find. It’s nothing gigantic, and we didn’t spot any visitors from outer space during our discovery. You’ll still definitely want this spaceship for your Collectibles, so we’ll show you where to go.

Where to Find the Crashed UFO in Saints Row 2022

Where to Find the Crashed UFO in Saints Row 2022

The crashed UFO ship can be found at the crossroads of the Rojas Desert North and South regions on the side of the road. It’s on the eastern side of the map, and you can refer to the photo above on where to exactly go. Evidently, it’ll be part of the Kavanagh County Territory, thus providing a cowboys and aliens aesthetic. The UFO itself will be laying slightly slanted upon a tiny body of water.

Upon finding the UFO site, you may want to grab your in-game phone for this next step. As you continuously progress and decorate the Saints HQ, you’ll snap photos in between all the chaos. This is done for fast travel accessibility and sweet pics of the western scenery. But the Saints HQ can bring out some style with any Collectibles you find along the way. Initially, Kevin will show you how the function works after acquiring the HQ. He’ll have you snap a picture of an old-school cannon, which will prompt an available Collectible to be put on display.

With this in mind, the UFO can now be reprinted to make a home for itself with the Saints. Obviously, it’s a little too big to store indoors, so you’ll have to find a spot outside for it to be placed. In the meantime, get out there and take some pictures of more Collectibles to showcase to the people of Santo Ileso!

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Written by Andrew Smith