Saints Row: How to Unlock the Attack Helicopter Early in the Game

Saints Row is now back after nine years, bringing a fresh story along with brand new characters that make it more appealing to the new players of the franchise. While driving cars and motorcycles can be super fun in the game, it’s always faster to travel using flying vehicles such as Helicopters to reach a location quickly.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the Attack Helicopter early in the game.

Saints Row: How to Unlock the Attack Helicopter Early in the Game

The Attack Helicopter will allow you to fly over the streets of Santo Ileso and wreak havoc on your enemies thanks to the rockets equipped in it.

You can get your hands on it as soon as the open world part of the game begins so you don’t have to worry about completing missions to fly it.

In order to get the helicopter, head over to the above location on the map first.

This is where you will find a normal helicopter which is required to enter the Marshall enemy base.

Now take this helicopter and fly it over to the Marshall base just next to it Do note that you will gain a Notoriety Level 4 as soon as you enter the base so you need to be quick.

In case, the helicopter isn’t there, fly around for a while and come back to the base to make it spawn. Jump from your helicopter and then grab the Attack Helicopter and fly away.

The Attack Helicopter is faster and better than the normal helicopter and you always head over to Marshall base to find it.

That’s it, now go ahead and head over to the above location to get the Attack Helicopter!

Written by Borut Udovic

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