Scalpers Are Taking the Fun Out of Animal Crossings New Amiibo Cards

Gamers are having to pay scalpers for Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards
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Scalpers tend to ruin anything they touch. From concert tickets to sports collectibles, these money hungry snipers have made having nice things difficult.

Image Via Animal Crossing World

And scalpers have become the scourge of the gaming world. Unscrupulous individuals bought up thousands of Playstation consoles only to resell them at exorbitant prices.

In an effort to promote the game and create something fun for fans, Nintendo recently debuted Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. By acquiring these virtual cards players can activate virtual goods. To do so, however, they have to be able to purchase the cards.

Scalpers immediately swooped in and purchased Amiibo cards and they became unavailable online almost instantaneously. While packs initially sold for $6, resellers are earning a massive profit on them.

Gamers would be hard-pressed to find a pack of the Amiibo cards for under $20. On Amazon’s website, they are moving for around $40 a pack.

One Best Buy reviewer wrote:

“I was lucky enough to get a couple packs because of a few people I follow on Twitter. These packs are great. I’m really happy with my pulls. I do wish the cards weren’t so hard to get. It baffles me that a multi billion dollar company can’t distribute more Amiibos.”

Nintendo though does not seem to be giving in to the complaints of their customer base. Interest is high for the packs of cards so the company seems to have gotten the exposure that they were hoping for. And as of now, there are no plans to release more cards.

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