The Ten Scariest Alien Movies Ever Made

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As a little kid, I was obsessed with anything sci-fi related. However, over the years, I’ve run into some terrifying movies that have stayed with me and are seared into my psyche. The following is a list of ten of the scariest alien movies that are absolutely worth your time and attention.

Proceed with caution; this list may contain spoilers.

10. Cloverfield

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The hype surrounding Cloverfield‘s release was incredible. There was an entire website with fake sighting videos and fake government files covering this mysterious monster that was big enough to rip the head off of the Statue of Liberty and launch it into the streets of New York City.

The found footage style of film was a fresh take on a typical monster movie. We got to follow as a group of terrified people tried their best to survive the attack on the city. I was on edge for most of the film!

9. The Forgotten

This lesser-known 2004 film is about a woman grieving her eight-year-old son who died in a plane crash but was abducted by aliens. Certain parts of this movie scared the life out of me. Of course, you know precisely what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it.

The aliens make themselves known by stopping an agent from helping the grieving mother find answers about her son by tearing the roof off a building and sucking the agent into the sky. 

8. War of the Worlds

I’ve got one word: Tripod.

As someone afraid of siren-type sounds, the noise the tripods make fills me with immense amounts of dread. It’s one of the most terrifying sounds I’ve ever heard. The fear is palpable in this movie; so many incredibly tense scenes make this one of the scariest alien movies I could not forget.

7. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is an adaptation of a Stephen King novel which is evident while watching it. Most of the movie takes place in a snowy cabin with occasional flashbacks to the characters’ childhood memories.

Mr. Gray, the alien antagonist in the film, is terrifying. The tense scenes with the friend group in the cabin are unforgettable, especially the toilet guy ordeal. Watch this if you want to be scarred for life!

6. Annihilation

When you mention this movie to anyone who’s seen it, I guarantee the first thing they think of is the horrific grizzly bear scene. It made my fight or flight kick in and the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Almost as disturbing was the film’s end when the alien mimic confronts the main character by copying her every move. The music alone had my heart rate through the roof! Definitely one to watch with the surround sound on!

5. Fire in the Sky

I had the displeasure of watching Fire in the Sky for the first time last year. My mom recommended it, saying it scared the life out of her as a kid, so of course, I had to check it out. After watching it with her, I can see why.

The abduction and experimentation scenes were stomach-turning and horrendous. Seeing the actual aliens up close and personal was a shock. They were so unsettling. Those scenes will stick with me for a long time.


Jordan Peele has proved himself a master of horror over the last several years. His latest film NOPE is another notch in his belt of masterpieces. I loved this movie. It had the perfect amount of tension, horror, and comedy.

Oddly enough, the scenes where the UFO was digesting people were very reminiscent of Fire in the Sky scenes. It definitely had my claustrophobia ramped up! After leaving the theater, this movie immediately became my list of favorites!

3. The Thing

John Carpenter really put his all into his 1982 film The Thing. It remains one of the most beloved alien movies to date. The practical effects used for the creatures still hold up and are as terrifying as the day it was released.

The blood testing scene sticks out in my mind as the most disturbing part of the movie. The moment the alien is found out and begins to mutate from human to monster is blood-curdling. This is a must-watch if you’re a fan of some of the scariest alien movies!

2. Signs

Going into this movie, I never would have guessed it would be one that would stay fresh in my mind for the next 21 years. But, it really struck a nerve with me and played on all of my fears. As a kid who lived next to cornfields, I was not looking forward to going home that night after seeing it in theaters.

We all know what scene solidified Signs‘ place in pop culture history; that bone-chilling birthday party footage. Overall it is a phenomenal alien movie wrapped up in a story about a grieving family, and it’s beautifully executed.

1. The Fourth Kind

Some of you may disagree with my number one spot, but The Fourth Kind haunted me for months after seeing it. Built off the premise of being “based on a true story,” I really leaned into that aspect, making the movie feel very real to me. But believe me when I tell you I have never been more frightened by a movie than I was when it showed the hypnosis footage of one of the abductees. Her voice and appearance and the moment she uttered the words “I am God,” I wanted to bolt out of the theater, but I stayed glued to my seat in terror. I’ve yet to come across another movie to make me feel the same way, but I look forward to the day.

Wrapping Up

Fear is subjective, so you might disagree with this ranking of the ten scariest alien movies. Still, I’m confident every movie on this list can instill fear in any person. So if you’re feeling brave, give them a shot!


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