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Sea of Thieves Silver Blade Key | How to Get

Silver Blade Key

The third season of Sea of Thieves has arrived with a boatload of new content for Rare’s flagship multiplayer action-adventure game. This content includes new Tall Tales, those story-driven quests given by NPCs around the map. One of these tales, The Sunken Pearl, requires you to raise the water and grab the Silver Blade Key. Here’s how to do that.

How to Get the Silver Blade Key in Sea of Thieves

How to get the Silver Blade Key in Sea of Thieves

The five Tall Tales in the Pirates of the Caribbean-based quest feature numerous new locations, battles, and locations. One particular puzzle in the second tale, The Sunken Pearl, has proven a real head-scratcher for many. It requires you to raise a cave system’s water level enough to allow you to grab the Silver Blade Key.

To do this, first enter the cave and locate a pattern on the cave wall, which should show four statues, each in a unique position. The objective is to make the four real statues mirror the positions in this pattern. To get the statues to change their positions, all you need to do is shoot them. Each time you land a shot on one, their position will change, so start from the leftmost statue and work your way right until the the four statues match the wall pattern.

Once the statues are all set up, look up to the cave ceiling and you should see a hole. Shoot here, and if you land the shot correctly, the cave will light up. Doing this will cause the water levels to rise, allowing you to snag the Silver Blade Key and continue with the tale.

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Written by Andrew Smith