Season of Mastery Is Getting Massive Changes With Blackwing Lair

Season of Mastery is Getting Massive Changes With Blackwing Lair
Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Season of Mastery is Getting Massive Changes With Blackwing Lair
Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Season of Mastery, the Classic World of Warcraft re-release, is changing in a big way.

First, there’s the release for Blackwing Lair itself. Blizzard announced in a tweet that the gates open on February 10th.

Then Blizzard dropped the bomb. Season of Mastery is getting massive changes for loot drops, alchemy procs, and the quest experience buff. They outlined everything on the official forums.

Bosses in Onyxia’s Lair, Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair will be dropping an additional item per boss. In most cases, these increases loot dropped from two to three. While that doesn’t seem like a significant increase, keep in mind that the loot gets divided across 40 people. This seemingly minor change has important ramifications for how quickly people receive gear in Season of Mastery.

Up next is the alchemy update. Crafting potions, elixirs, and flasks gives the crafter a chance to “proc” additional items created. This feature currently exists in Burning Crusade Classic. It allows an alchemist to get a bonus craft of up to 4 additional items. Since Season of Mastery lacks World Buffs and includes more difficult boss encounters, this gives players an edge to not drain precious resources in vain.

Finally, there’s the “Adventure Awaits” questing buff. At launch, players earned 40% extra experience from questing. This update now changes it to a bonus 100% experience gained from quests. This allows players to level at a much faster rate, allowing people not to feel like they’re missing out on the high-level action.

These are all highly positive changes that should benefit the health of Season of Mastery. There are still some issues, such as server population, but this is a step in the right direction.

It’s been a week of positive changes in World of Warcraft: Boosting communities are getting the ax, and cross-faction groups are coming in Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5 as well.


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