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Most open-world games are getting bigger day by day and Sony’s Horizon Forbidden West is no exception. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Horizon Forbidden West map.

The vast open world of Horizon Forbidden is full of diverse, beautiful environments and locations. The game is full of diverse environments ranging from rich jungles in the south, cold forests and fields in the east to arid and dusty deserts in the middle and northern parts of the map.

Map Size – Horizon Forbidden West

Horizzon Forbidden West Map

The size of the map is even bigger in comparison to the previous game, Horizon Zero Dawn. The total map size of Horizon Forbidden West is 24km² (2800m height x 8700m width). It is not a perfectly square-shaped map since it includes some narrow parts. The actual area that can be explored in the game is 16km². It will take you 12 minutes to fly from the east end of the map towards the west end using the flying mount.

From east to the west, the map is 7.7 km at its widest and when measured from north to south, it is around 5km. Starting from the east and sprinting towards the pacific ocean will take almost half an hour. The game begins in the east and it will take you towards the west during the story. A small portion during the prologue of the game is not a part of the main map. Players can use the map to fast travel from one location to another.

The large open world of Horizon Forbidden West takes place across the states of Utah, Nevada, and California. The map is also more diverse this type since it contains different kinds of biomes ranging from meadows to deserts, snowy mountains, jungles, beaches, and oceans. Each of these areas is unique and have tons of secret waiting to be discovered. Also, there are many underground caves that can be explored by players.

The huge open world of Horizon Forbidden West will certainly keep players busy for weeks as they progress through the story and complete various quests and adventures.

Written by Borut Udovic

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