Sega Seems to Be the Only Game Maker Who Realizes Gamers Hate Nft’s

Sega is avoiding NFT's at the moment since they don't add value for their gamers
Image Via Sega

NFT’s have become big business over the last year, with investors dropping billions on the tokens. Many gaming companies have seen the dollars being spent on the product and want in.

Major publishers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Square Enix are all looking to incorporate NFT’s into their games. While there has been severe backlash from fans, all of the companies seem eager to push forward.

Sega is avoiding NFT's at the moment since they don't add value for their gamers
Image Via Sega

But one major game maker is taking a different stance on the investment product. During a recent Sammy Management Meeting, the higher-ups at Sega took a much more bearish view on NFT’s.

The executives noted, “In terms of NFT, we would like to try out various experiments, and we have already started many different studies and considerations, but nothing is decided at this point regarding P2E [pay-to-earn]. There have been many announcements about this already, including at overseas, but there are users who [show] negative reactions at this point.”

Of course, it is not some users who have shown adverse reactions. The reaction to NFT’s has been almost universally negative. Ubisoft had to pull their Quartz announcement off Youtube after the response was nearly 95% opposed.

The higher-ups continued:

“We need to carefully assess many things such as how we can mitigate the negative elements, how much we can introduce this within the Japanese regulation, what will be accepted and what will not be by the users. Then, we will consider this further if this leads to our mission ‘Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating’, but if it is perceived as simple money-making, I would like to make a decision not to proceed.”

And here, Sega seems to nail what other companies have been missing. NFT’s don’t seem to add much value to the product right now. As of right now, it looks like companies offering NFT’s are just interested in a money grab.

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