Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem: All Secrets of Chapter 3

Siberian Mayhem, the expansion pack for the 4th game of the legendary FPS game series Serious Sam, was released recently.

 The expansion pack takes place in the cold and wild lands of Russia and immerses players in their own world with impressive atmosphere and fluid game mechanics.

In addition, there are various secret areas in the game and these secrets make it easy for players to progress in the game.

Today, we will show you how to find all secrets in Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Chapter 3.

All Secrets in Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Chapter 3

There are some hidden areas in Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Chapter 3. You can find items such as armor, health and weapons in these hidden areas.

Thus, as you progress through the game, your fight with creatures becomes easier and a helping hand is extended in your difficult time.

There are 25 secret areas in this episode.

1- There are 3 non-operating oil pumps in the pump area near the beginning. Go to them, press the button and run each of them. An old enemy will appear to you.

2- There is a skill point in the big outpost go through behind the yellow gas pipe.

3- There are rockets in the group of cube barrels behind the houses around the big outpost.

4- You can find skill points by following the path below.

5- You will see some rocks that you come to the “Hide and Seek” side quest area. Go around behind the rock on the left and follow the path here to get the “pink gadget”.

6- You can reach another skill point by following the path below.

7- There is a crossroad between the entrance of Hide and Seek and the key card outpost. From here follow the sawmill road and you will see the yellow pipe arch. Inside the Arch there is an old cart and a hole. The secret is hiding in this hole. You can find out how Dimitri lives and who he really is.

8- You can get C4 by following the path below.

9- While following the main road, after turning right, you will see alien pump on your left. You can fight a little under that. After cleaning around you will find SS and T.A.C.T gadget.

10- There’s a rock formation in the pumps area. Above here you can find a hoverboard.

11- There is a checkpoint at the end of the zone. Exit the building located here and go to the left. Re-enter the building through the side door. Here you will find a new skill point.

12- Go down the church and follow the road but do not turn right. A little further you will see a statue. Check out this statue, the secret is there.

13- You will come across a fork at the exit of the town. There is a tractor and barn here. There is armor in the shack on the left.

14- After back to the Fork, continue towards the objective brand and you will see an empty field. In the middle of this field is a huge medkit. Attention! This could be a trap.

15- There is a Serious Snow on the field near the destroyed church.

16- There is a L.I.F.E under the alien bridge.

17- Next to the Objective barn is a formation of rocks. T.A.C.T is hidden among the trees here.

18- Again, there are cannonballs around the shack on the behind of the objective barn.

19- You can find skill points by following the path below.

20- When you go down from the bridge, you will see a tower in the middle of the field. On top of that, some supplies are waiting for you.

21- There is the second tower to the right of the Alien gate. The skill point is here, but it is well protected.

22- In the middle of windmills valley is the 3rd tower. There are also skill points here.

23- There’s a hut on the beach below objective bridge. Here you can find cannonballs.

24- There is a train carts on the Objective bridge. There’s a railroad employee hidden here.

25- There is a skillpoint box at the end of the episode.

By finding these secrets, you can make your progress in the game easier and get various in-game information. So Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem can become more enjoyable with these secrets.

Written by Borut Udovic

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