Shadow Warrior 3 and Its Over-The-Top Action Arriving in March

Shadow Warrior 3 Arriving Next Month

Developer Flying Wild Hog announced via Twitter on Tuesday that Shadow Warrior 3 will release on March 1. The game will release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

As with prior entries, the player will assume control of the series protagonist Lo Wang. This time around, Lo Wang teams up with former enemy and employer Orochi Zilla as they try to defeat an ancient dragon they accidentally awakened.

Similar to the 2013 reboot, Shadow Warrior 3 will have over-the-top action and violence. Lo Wang will have access to a variety of firearms, but will also have a katana for melee combat and executions.

Shadow Warrior 3 will include new movement options for Lo Wang. These will include a wall run, double jump, air dash, and a grappling hook. It’s nice to see a little bit of Halo Infinite here, even if that wasn’t the inspiration.

Speaking with Mashable, game designer Pawel Kowalewski said the new options will allow “players to move freely, like a ninja from their favorite animes.”

In a separate interview with PC Gamer, Kowalewski confirmed the game will not have systems found in Shadow Warrior 2. These will include weapon stats, procedural maps, and character progression.

Flying Wild Hog announced Shadow Warrior 3 in July 2020. The game was originally due before the end of 2021, but it was delayed into 2022 for unspecified reasons.

Written by Williams Pelegrin

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