Shadowverse: How to Build a Powerful Deck

Shadowverse is a strategic card mobile game released in the past years. While playing the game, you need to create a strategy and try to do the best with the cards in your deck.

In Shadowverse, which has a multiplayer mode, you need to build your deck strong in order to defeat the players against you. There are some tricky points to strengthen your deck. Considering these tricks in the game, you can create a very powerful deck.

Today, we will explain to you how to build a powerful deck in Shadowverse.

How to Build A Powerful Deck in Shadowverse

Shadowverse, a free mobile strategy card game, is deck-based, so deck layout is very important for players. On the other hand, you need to pay attention to some points while building your deck in order to defeat other players.

One of the most difficult issues for Shadowverse beginners when building a strong deck is the lack of variety in the cards they have.

Although some new card packs are given to the players who start the game for the first time, this is not enough. On the other hand, you can assign your phone to earn new card packs.

You can also earn a lot of gold by completing daily quests and getting new card packs with them. This way, you have a variety of cards in your inventory to build a powerful deck.

Secondly, you should have different types of cards in your deck to create a powerful deck. We can say these different class cards as a draw, spell counter, rush, storm, and end game card.

Draw cards are the most basic cards in the Shadowverse, but they hold a very important position in your deck. Therefore, a strong deck better have draw cards.

You can trade enemy monsters with considerably lower cost spells in hand if you utilize the spell cards correctly.

Also, there should be rush cards in the top row of each deck. These cards will make your deck stronger.

Storm cards have advantages and disadvantages. Storm cards are a very serious element for defeating the opposing enemy, but in some cases, they can cause a quite high cost. Because of this, it can strengthen the deck, and in some cases, it can put the player at a disadvantage. It is useful to use it carefully.

In addition, each deck needs several end game cards. These cards are very effective for ending the game and defeating the enemy, and these cards can cause serious damage to the enemy in one hit. A powerful deck can have 2-3 end game cards.

Finally, it is very important to test the deck that you have build with different combinations. You can get more effective results in ranked games by testing the decks you create against artificial intelligence. By seeing the deficiencies of the decks you are testing, you can eliminate them and reach a more solid deck structure. You can also strengthen your deck by examining the meta card builds of that period.

Written by Borut Udovic

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