10 TV Shows People Refuse to Watch – Even If Other People Recommend It

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Television, like cinema, allows us to dive into a fictional world and escape from reality. Unlike cinema, television has more time to expand and world build, but sometimes, it fails. Have you ever refused to watch a show because you think it’s terrible? Here are some shows the internet said they would never watch.

1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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Anything with The Kardashians held the top response. Several people commented they do not keep up with the Kardashians and never will. Someone else said, “Me, keep up with them? I don’t even think THEY can keep up with THEMSELVES.”

Like any reality TV show, the Kardashians showcases out-of-touch people who navigate daily life. Half of the world adores trashy TV, while the other half opts out of shallow entertainment.

2. 13 Reasons Why

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Based on Jay Asher’s fantastic novel, 13 Reasons Why revolves around Hannah Baker, a young girl who ended her life after a series of events in high school snowballed into the next. She creates tapes and addresses them to each individual who affected her.

“It does exactly what experts say NOT to do when depicting [ending one’s life]. I hate how the showrunners pretend that it ‘raises awareness.’ While statistics show a clear increase in teenagers ending their own lives after watching it.”

Effect of dealing with high school events.

3. Riverdale

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Riverdale is based on the Archie comics, and while the show started strong, according to some, the later seasons let down the fans and the cast. Riverdale focuses on the aftermath of a crime scene and how the teenagers in the local high school navigate life after the event.

4. Tiger King

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I will admit that I attended summer camp at Big Cat Rescue in 2007, long before the feud of Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic populated mainstream entertainment. Tiger King is about a few exotic animal owners, one who calls himself the Tiger King and another who owns a supposed not-for-profit animal sanctuary in Florida.

The series debuted at the height of lockdown, amping up ratings and contributing to many individuals dressing up as Joe Exotic the following Halloween. While some people rave about reality show, others claim the show is animal exploitation.

5. Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series ever, yet it finds its fair share of despisers. The anti-Game of Thrones comments on this thread unanimously said they avoid the show due to its graphic content. The medieval fantasy doesn’t shy away from depicting gruesome and horrible events, which appeals to some viewers but not all.

6. Emily in Paris

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Emily in Paris garnered mixed reviews. While the show has thousands of loyal fans, others dislike the protagonist, calling her boring and annoying. The show stars Lily Collins as Emily, a college graduate who moves to Paris to pursue a marketing job. One admits, “Emily in Paris always seemed kinda dumb and cliche to me, so I’ve never watched it.”

7. The Masked Singer

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I’m in the group of people who believe new game shows don’t belong on television. Well, kind of. The Masked Singer places celebrities before judges to wow them with their voices. The gimmick is that the celebrities wear elaborate costumes and masks so no one knows who they are. “The Masked Singer looks like a clown car that crashed on the highway. Clowns spread all over,” one person shared.

8. Yellowstone

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“I like Taylor Sheridan, but I don’t like this show at all. I’ve seen clips on YouTube, and the characters seem one-dimensional and vile. Way too over-the-top violent. I remember seeing a bar fight scene where after the initial blow was thrown, EVERYONE in the bar started fighting. It reminded me of one of those black-and-white westerns I used to watch on Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. Terrible writing,” this Yellowstone doubter stated.

9. Glee

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A lot of tv fans responded that they would never watch Glee. Glee is a story for the underdogs. A group of high schoolers band together to form a glee club no matter how it affects their reputations. Loads of people claim the show is creepy, dated, and off-kilter.

10. Once Upon a Time

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This spinoff of popular fairy tales had excellent ratings when. It aired, but the show decreased in value, writing, and storytelling after seven seasons. One wrote, “I had a few friends who were into it, and it always sounded godawful.”

This thread inspired this post.

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