Side-Scrolling Shooter Gunbrella Scheduled For 2023 Release

When you think of going into a gunfight, an umbrella is probably not the first defense that pops into your head. Yet this is the main premise behind Doinksoft’s upcoming indie side-scroller Gunbrella. The game’s trailer depicts a bearded protagonist with an umbrella that both fires bullets and acts as a shield. With pixel graphics and flashy visuals, the trailer hints at difficult gameplay involving a well-armed but fragile protagonist. It comes from the developers at Doinksoft, creators of another side-scroller called Gato Roboto. With the backing of known indie publisher Devolver Digital, Gunbrella is currently Switch exclusive to be released sometime in 2023.

What Is Gunbrella?

Despite having a large library of graphically demanding titles, the Switch is a home for a plethora of unusual titles. Based on the trailer, Gunbrella will fit neatly among them. The Gunbrella itself serves as the main hook of the game. In a fashion similar to Kingsman, the umbrella proves to be both an offensive and defensive device. The gameplay clips demonstrate as the unnamed hero uses it as both a handgun and shotgun to kill enemies and break objects. It also shows him opening up the umbrella to deflect bullets from the many armed enemies.

This is the newest title from Doinksoft, with their latest release being Demon Throttle scheduled for this year. Even so, one of their more well-known titles is the 2D pixel-platformer Gato Roboto. Much like Gunbrella, the game centered around a cat piloting a bipedal mech suit. The player is able to blast enemies, collect upgrades, and exit the suit to fit in narrow spots. Doinksoft clearly has a reputation for making quirky games that fit well with Devolver Digital’s style, and we’re all for it.

Until Gunbrella‘s release, players can go through the rest of Doinksoft’s catalog. From Steam, there’s Gato Roboto and Devolver Bootleg while on Switch, you can preorder Demon Throttle. For those with patience, expect Gunbrella for Switch next year.

Written by Andrew Smith