Silent Hill Transmission – Everything Konami Revealed Today

Silent Hill Transmission - Everything Konami Revealed Today
Photo Credit: Konami

Today marked the Silent Hill Transmission livestream. Konami detailed the future of the popular Silent Hill franchise, featuring remakes of beloved classics, new games, and more.

After a tease earlier this week, the Silent Hill Transmission begins with the reveal of Silent Hill 2. The remake is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console. Bloober Team, best known for 2021’s The Medium, handles the game’s development. The studio is working closely alongside Silent Hill creators Masahiro Ito and Akira Yamaoka. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment is handling the publishing of the game. This explains why it is a PS5 console exclusive. There is some confusion as to what this means regarding a possible PC release. Sony specifically mentioned exclusivity, while the game’s reveal indicates it’s a console exclusive. 

Silent Hill 2 is often considered one of the best PS2 games ever. A modern remake allows a new generation of fans to discover an all-time classic.  

Next up on the Silent Hill Transmision is Silent Hill Townfall. Developed by NoCode in collaboration with Annapurna Interactive, the teaser trailer offered little concrete game details. 

We'll learn more about Townfall next year
Photo Credit: Konami

“It’s a real honor for us to bring a new title to this series that both respects the source material but also does something a little bit different with it,” said Jon McKellan, NoCode creative director. “We’re going to be hard at work for a while, but we can’t wait to come back in the new year and show you more.”

McKellan also encourages fans to re-watch the trailer to see what they may have missed. 

The Silent Hill Transmission isn’t just about video games

It’s not all about video games during the Silent Hill Transmission. Christophe Gans spoke about the 2006 Silent Hill movie and what it was like bringing the game franchise to the big screen. Konami mentioned how the 2006 film helped reinvigorate interest in the franchise.

Gans and Victor Hadida, producer of the original film,  announced that they convinced Konami to deliver a new movie in the series. Return to Silent Hill will be based on Silent Hill 2 and is currently in development.

“If we want to keep the link with the audience,” Gans said, “we have to be perfectly aware of everything that has changed in 15 years. Everything has been washed away. We have to bring back something very surprising.”

No release date was given for Return to Silent Hill, but the livestream indicated that it is early in development. 

“We hope that Return to Silent Hill will be a great return,” Hadida said. 

A new way to experience Silent Hill

Returning to the gaming front, we’re promised a “whole new experience” for Silent Hill. Jacob Novok of Genvid Entertainment reveals the debut trailer for Silent Hill Ascension. The teaser trailer showcases Ascension’s unique role in the Silent Hill franchise: a live, real-time interactive series where fans can watch and make decisions for the story together. Bad Robot, Behaviour, and DJ2 are assisting in production. 

“For over 20 years, Silent Hill has haunted my memories,” Novok said. “Lately, I enjoyed watching streamers playing Silent Hill with their fans. We love the feeling of being scared together; of experiencing fear with friends. Silent Hill: Ascension takes that feeling of communal fear to a massive scare.”

“You can change its outcomes and even be a part of scenes. There is no reset button. The decisions you make mean life or death in the story.”

Silent Hill Ascension will go live in 2023.

Oh, and one more thing…

The Silent Hill Transmission ends with one last announcement for a brand new video game. Silent Hill f, developed by Neobards Entertainment, is debuted. The game’s story comes from Ryukishi07, author of the When They Cry series. 

Silent Hill f looks icredibly creepy and weird in the best possible ways.
Photo Credit: Konami

A non-gameplay trailer features an unnamed girl walking through a deserted city. Mysterious vines, which seem to be taken straight from the Stranger Things universe, soon overtake her before the screen fades to black. We then cut to (presumably) the same girl, having been overtaken by the fungal infection from the vines. After a crown of flowers appears on her hand, the girl sits up and looks at the camera before her face peels off. We then cut to the title card. 


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