Sonic Frontiers: Master Ninja Guardian Boss Fight Guide

Sonic Frontiers has a lot of guardian bosses scattered around the map. The islands require your speed and powers to help them free themselves from this cursed creatures. It’s up to you to confront them and see how each guardian boss can be defeated. That includes the Master Ninja guardian boss.

This guide will show you how to defeat the Master Ninja Guardian Boss in Sonic Frontiers.

Master Ninja Guardian Boss Fight Guide

Master Ninja Guardian Boss Location

The Master Ninja Guardian Boss is located on the southern side of Ouranos Island. Here you will find two red swords marked on the map that indicate a guardian boss is nearby.

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Once you get to this area, simply get close to the ninja guardian’s boss range circle and he will automatically be activated and ready for a fight.

Master Ninja Guardian Boss Fight Guide

To fight this boss, you need to get close and personal and continue to hit him with combos and take his health chunk by chunk.

One of the best ways to stun him and deal big amounts of damage is by pressing the triangle and circle button.

This will allow Sonic to charge towards the boss and jump in the air. Once in the air, Sonic will slam onto the boss and deal damage, as well as stunning him.

When the boss is stunned, this gives you a great open window time frame to strike regular attacks or even punch in a combo.

You will know when the Ninja Guardian Boss is attacking you when he will raise his blade looking arms in the air and charge them towards you.

Continue performing that combo over and over until the boss has finally been taken down. In around 2 minutes, you should be able to defeat the Master Ninja Guardian Boss in Sonic Frontiers.

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