Sonic Frontiers: Tank Guardian Boss Fight

Sonic Frontiers is a game filled with different bosses. These guardian bosses can be found around the map and there is a total of 18 of them. Each one with different fighting mechanics and rewards. It’s up to you to destroy this cursed land and free the islanders. Time to take on the Tank!

This guide will show you how to defeat the Tank Guardian Boss in Sonic Frontiers.

Tank Guardian Boss Fight

Tank Guardian Boss Location

The eighth boss which is the Guardian Tank boss is located in the central area of the Ares Island. Here you will find two red swords marked on the map which should indicate you that there is a fight.

Once you get close to the area, sitting on the desert, the Tank can be seen. To begin this fight, simply get close to him and the action begins!

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Tank Guardian Boss Fight Guide

When you first encounter this fight, the Tank will fly up in the air and start to spin around. He will create a tornado in which you will also be in.

Your job here is to get high in the air to his level and begin hitting the sides. Make sure you go clockwise and make a higher combo possible. The higher the better.

After about 12 combo hits, the Tank guardian boss will slam onto the ground and stop spinning. In this time window frame, he will be stunned which allows you to hit him as much as you can.

Once the boss reaches below 50% health, he will start to spin again and create another tornado.

Here you need to replay the same process you did earlier and hit him 12 times. He will then drop one last time on the ground and this is the perfect time where you will finally defeat and destroy the Tank Guardian Boss in Sonic Frontiers!

Written by Borut Udovic

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