Sons Of Forest: How To Get A Guide Book

In order to survive the wilderness of a cannibal-infested island, you will need all the tools and mechanics at your disposal. The Guide Book is perhaps the most important item in the game that will help you get information about almost everything from collecting materials and crafting items to building new structures.

This guide will tell you how to get the Guidebook in Sons of Forest.

How To Get A Guide Book

The Guide Book is your key to getting information on how to create new stuff such as buildings and fixtures. It is different from the item combination which is the primary crafting system of the game. You can obtain new items by combining two or more raw materials using the item combination mechanic.

In order to get the Guide Book, you will need to press I to open your inventory and check the Emergency Package. You will be able to access this package after leaving the helicopter crash site. Inside this pack, you will find a Tactical Axe, GPS Tracker and the handy Guidebook.

The Guide Book can also be opened by using the item hot-swap method and pressing B on your keyboard. It can save you the hassle of accessing the inventory every time you wish to access the Guide Book.

After opening the Guide Book, you will notice that there are two modes in it that you can switch between by holding down the X key.

The first mode called “Build and Use/Attach” as the name suggests allows you to place items on the ground or connect an existing item to another item in your inventory.

The second mode called “Build Outline” will allow you to build structures that use outlines such as Small Animal Traps.

After you select your desired object, an outline will appear with the required materials shown in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Creating advanced structures like shelters, furniture and platform will require more planks that can be crafted using wooden sticks.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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