Sons Of Forest: How To Save Game

As you explore the dangerous remote island in Sons of Forest, you will often need to save your progress as you build new structures, gather materials and hunt for resources such as food, water and medicines.

This guide will tell you how to save your game in Sons of Forest.

How To Save Game

In order to save your game, you will need to head over to your nearest shelter. Since the game does not have an autosave feature, this is probably the only way to ensure that your precious progress does not get lost.

To build a shelter, you will need a Tarp and some sticks. The Tarp can be found inside some suitcases in the vicinity of the helicopter crash sites. For the sticks, you will be able to obtain them by chopping down trees and bushes on the island

Once you have the required materials, access the inventory by pressing I and equip the Tarp. Choose a convenient location and place the Tarp on the ground to create the shelter. You can also rotate it by pressing Q and R before you place it.

After laying down the tarp, place the stick on any one of the four corners and a white arrow will appear on the screen. Press the left click to grab the stick and use it to prop up the tarp from the corner. You also add more sticks to the shelter from all four corners for a more aesthetic look

This will create a basic shelter where you save your progress by holding  E or take some rest by sleeping by holding Z.

The time will also change as your character goes to sleep just like in other open-world games. This shelter will also appear on your GPS tracker with a house icon so you can always return back to it if you lurk too far.

The game offers you 10 save slots so you will need to use these slots carefully so you don’t lose your hard-earned progress.

It can be pretty handy if you die at the hands of a hungry cannibal or wish to reload your game at a certain point.

You can also save your progress in advanced shelters containing the stick bed that you will build as you dive further into the game.

As Sons of Forest can be challenging at times, it is recommended that you save your game often by carrying a stick and tarp during your adventures.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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