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Sons of the Forest Gold Mask | Where to Find

Sons of the Forest Gold Mask - Where to Find

It’s no secret that the savages and mutants sneaking around the woods are our biggest fear in Sons of the Forest. But what if the tables were turned? That is, what if the cannibals ran away from you instead of you running away from them? This is indeed possible; all you need is the Gold Mask to make it happen. The reason as to why is tied to the story, so we won’t spoil that. We will, however, reveal how to find the Gold Mask just below.

Where to Find Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest

Where to Find Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest

You can find the Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest in the same location you find the Golden Armor. It’s in the underground lab that sits on the right side of the large lake, southeast of the snowy mountain. To help, the lab is marked by a green circle on your mini-map. The lab itself is pretty easy to locate, but do note that you need the Maintenance or Blue Keycard to gain access to it. So, make sure you have either of those before proceeding here.

Once you’ve got either keycard and made your way into the lab, you can find the Gold Mask deep down on level 5. Once you’re on this level, keep straight until you can take your first left. This should take you to a morgue-like room where you can find the Gold Mask resting on one of the bodies. Simply press “E” to take it.

Now that you have the Gold Mask, you can equip it just like any other mask. Essentially, this mask will intimidate the mutants which will prevent them from attacking you. At the same time, you can use it to blend in with them and infiltrate their camp. Of course, assuming you have the confidence to do so. Nonetheless, this is a vital piece of headgear that will help you survive and complete the Sons of the Forest story.

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Written by Andrew Smith