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Sons of the Forest Ziplines | How to Use

Sons of the Forest Ziplines - How to Use

Traversing the island in Sons of the Forest is often the most tedious part of the game. Constantly moving from base to base, over the huge mountain, can be a chore in the best of times. Because of that, you’ll want to make your tools count, since they’ll make return trips much easier. Making use of Ziplines in Sons of the Forest is relatively resource-intensive, but there is no better use of your resources in the mid-game. Let’s start throwing some ziplines together so you can best traverse the titular forest!

How to Use Ziplines in Sons of the Forest

How to Use Ziplines in Sons of the Forest

You need a Rope Gun, ropes, and grappling hooks to use a Zipline in Sons of the Forest. The Rope Gun is the launcher that uses ziplines as ammunition, and can be found in a cave between the western lake and longest river. Ropes are rewards for raiding campsites, cannibal camps, and random drops across the island. The grappling hook is a craftable item from a 3D printer and can also be found randomly.

The Rope Gun is intended to be located quite early. The cave is marked on the GPS and sits by a small stream of water, a tributary of the larger river just north of it. Head into the caves and use flares to keep track of the mutants. Thankfully, you just need to head through the cave, blowing up the large mutant, and you’ll eventually find the rope gun. There’s some good loot in here, and it is worth exploring!

Rope and grappling hooks are both used when using ziplines. Rope is thankfully very easy to find. It is a common drop in abandoned camps and can be found in many caves.

Grappling hooks are not as simple, so you will want to find a 3D printer for them. They are rare random drops, so you could just farm them out. 3D printing them is much more consistent, though.

Once you craft zipline rope, you can equip the rope gun and shoot a grapple point, then shoot again to set up the second point. You can reuse any rope fired by right-clicking.

Written by Andrew Smith