Sony Announces New PS5 Colors for Consoles and Dualsense Controllers

Sony Announces New PS5 Colors for Consoles and DualSense Controllers

The official PlayStation blog has announced that new PS5 colors will be available in the form of console covers, as well as new controller colors as well.

PS5 colors will be available in three different accessory cover options: Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. They join a line-up that already includes Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. It’s important to note that the color options for the PlayStation 5 come in the form of coverings; the actual PS5 only comes in a standard “white” color.

The DualSense controllers, however, do not require coverings. They are available for purchase in the baseline white model, as well as the new color options mentioned above.

The new PS5 colors and DualSense controllers will be available starting in January 2022. A listing on the PlayStation direct store shows a January 21st release date with a $54.99 price tag for the covers. The controllers have the same release date with a $74.99 price tag. Of note is that both the pricing and release date are specific to the U.S.

While these new PS5 colors for coverings and Dualsense controllers are great for those wanting to customize their PlayStation 5 experience, the actual console is still experiencing shortages.


Written by Jake Valentine

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