Sony Exclusive Spider-Man Will Not Have a Story Mission in Marvel’s Avengers

It took years for Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Avengers Universe films. Like in the film world, Spider-Man was not apart of Square Enix’s initial Avengers video game. Instead, he will be appearing as an exclusive for Playstation players.

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And while many gamers are excited about the web crawler coming to their consoles, they may be in for some disappointment. According to the game’s developer, Spidey will not have any story missions.

The story missions are integral to the game. They help to introduce players to certain characters, outline their backstories and add a fair bit of original content.

Philippe Therien, the company’s gameplay director, explained that the decision was made so that more time could be spent on other features. He told IGN, “We want to spend our efforts on content that everyone can enjoy, so we chose to spend a lot of our energy on the Klaw raid that’s coming up at the same time.”

While the decision is somewhat understandable, it is also a disappointment to Playstation users. Many gamers choose their consoles based on the exclusives they may have access to. And having Spider-Man in the Marvel’s Avengers game is a pretty big deal. He’ll still be there, of course, just in a more limited role.

There has been a fair amount of promotion about the Marvel flagship character appearing in the game. Earlier in November, a trailer was released that showed Spider-Man fighting a team of AIM soldiers along with the rest of the team. Check out that trailer below:

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