Soundtrack For The Upcoming Sonic Frontiers’ Game Set To Release This December; Includes Over 100 Songs

Sonic Frontiers is going to be released soon on November 8, 2022, and its composer confirmed that the soundtrack will be available for physical and digital streaming purchase at the end of the year. There are going to be almost 150 songs that you can listen to and enjoy the game.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything about the Soundtrack for the Upcoming Sonic Frontiers!

Soundtrack For The Upcoming Sonic Frontiers’ Game Set To Release This December; Includes Over 100 Songs

The composer of the upcoming open-world 3D sonic game, Sonic Frontiers’ announced recently that the game’s soundtrack will be available for purchase physically while also being able to be streamed digitally this coming Holidays.

On top of that, the soundtrack will also reportedly have over 100 songs for players to bob their heads onto! The game’s composer, Tomoya Ohtani, announced this via his Twitter account as seen below.

Early last September, SEGA revealed both the main and ending vocal songs for the highly-anticipated game – “I’m here” and “Vandalize,” respectively. Fans of the punk-rock music genre would rejoice knowing that the two announced songs are incorporating the music genre, giving the game a gloomy edge yet still having a very adrenaline-inducing feel. To those that want to listen to the opening theme of Sonic Frontiers’ “I’m here” in full, you can do so by streaming it on Spotify.

The official announcement from Sega also noted that digital streaming services will have full access to the songs incorporated within the game during or after the physical release of its official soundtrack. With Sonic Frontier’s soundtrack containing more than 100 songs, it has also been announced that it will be spread across six CDs and will be sold entirely for 8000 yen, or about $55.

To those thinking that the price point for the physical soundtrack is high, it is worth noting that the release also includes a 40-page booklet, a special case, and commentary from the members of the game’s sound team.

Many fans were shocked by how many songs the game’s soundtrack would include, believing that this could be one of the largest soundtracks that the storied Sonic franchise has had to date.

To highlight the absurd number of themes currently slated for the newest Sonic game, its last mainline entry, Sonic Forces, only had 87 songs in its soundtrack. This includes cutscene-specific songs and the many themes it has for each stage.

The initial release date for Sonic Frontiers is less than a month now, November 8, 2022.

Written by Borut Udovic

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