Splatoon 3: Farming Chunks Guide

Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter game where players can explore the world of Spatlands by playing as either an Inkling or Octling as their character. With a wide range of weapons that can shoot ink at your opponents, there are hours of fun that you can have with this game.

If you wish to upgrade your gear abilities then you will need plenty of ability chunks and obtaining them isn’t easy so you farm them using the method mentioned in this guide.

This guide will tell you how to farm ability chunks in Splatoon 3.

Farming Chunks Guide – Splatoon 3

First, you need to go and choose your Splatfest event team at Splatsville Square.

This will reward you with a free Splatfest Tee that you can use and this is not an ordinary shirt as it offers a unique primary ability called Ability Doubler.

With this shirt equipped, you will get now 6 ability points each instead of 3 which can be really helpful for getting those points quickly.

You can also change this ability to the one that you prefer by talking to Murch and still represent your Splatfest team although it isn’t recommended.

Ability Chunks are the items that you can use at Murch to change any ability on the item to your preferred one.

You can obtain these chunks from the capsules in Salmon Run or by levelling up your gear past 3 slots to get every chunk that won’t in it.

Another way to obtain Chunks is gear scrubbing where you can scrub your gear by visiting Murch for 20,000 money.

This will lose all of your abilities and will give you Abilities Chunks in return however it be a lot of expensive for most players. You will receive 1 chunk per secondary gear ability.

If you scrub the Splatfest Tee then it will cost you only 2000 money making it the fastest and most affordable way of getting chunks so make use of it while you can during the Splatfest.

For speeding up this process, you can visit the bar lady where you will be able to choose drinks and foods to receive buffs for the next 20 matches that you play.

It is recommended to use food to get double XP or double money if you wish to farm as many random chunks as you can and do Anarchy Battle to gain the most experience.

Not only scrubbing your Splatfest Tee will give you more chunks as you scrub it every 3 slots but your other gear will also over-level giving you excess chunks.

In case you are specifically interested in one ability chunk then it is highly recommended that you use drinks to farm those specific ability chunks. This will increase the chance of getting the ability as your next secondary on your clothes which is the Splatfest Tee.

While it’s easy the first time you get it’s easy but the chance gets reduced during your second and third times, so it’s best to scrub your gear immediately after you get the desired ability to keep having a high chance of getting it again.

Make sure not to waste your drink buffs as they only last for 20 matches and if you run out of tickets, you can get them by completing the campaign missions. Do the Salmon Runs after every map rotation and spend your Conch Shells at the Shell Out machine as it has a very good chance of giving you bar tickets.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this trick to quickly farm Ability Chunks during the Splatfest!

Written by Borut Udovic

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