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Splatoon 3 Level Cap | What Is the Max Level?

Splatoon 3 Level Cap - What Is the Max Level?

Nintendo’s hit paint shooter series Splatoon is back, with the latest entry in the series recently landing on Switch. While it has a single-player franchise, the focus is firmly on the multiplayer Splatfest. In this and the other online modes, you’ll spray the surroundings with colorful paint, while also laying waste to oncoming rivals. However, two questions linger around Splatoon 3: Does it have a level cap? And if so, what is the max level?

What is the Max Level Cap in Splatoon 3?

What Is the Max Level Cap in Splatoon 3?

The max level cap in Splatoon 3 is set at level 30. This is the maximum level to earn new rewards and upgrade resources. Therefore, it can be considered the unofficial level cap at this stage. However, this won’t remain the case for long, with Nintendo destined to increase the level cap in the future.

Yes, right now there are only 30 ranks worth of content in Splatoon 3. The Ammo Knights store is the main place where you spend your resources on new items each time you level up. As dedicated Splatoon players have found out, once you hit level 30 there are no new items or unlocks to check out. Therefore, right now it can be deemed the maximum, though it won’t stay that way for long.

That’s because the Splatoon series has a history of high level caps, and increasing the max rank in post-launch updates. The original Splatoon from 2015 ended up with a max level of 50. The Nintendo Switch sequel was capped at 99. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that the Splatoon 3 level cap won’t increase down the line.

In fact, the chances are the level cap in this game will surpass that of its predecessors. Nintendo has promised to support Splatoon 3 for years to come, with tons of new content expected. If it truly wants to commit to the future of the game, it’ll need to increase the level cap so hardcore players still have something to work towards.

Written by Andrew Smith