Splinterlands: How To Upgrade Cards

For an NFT newbie like me, it was hard to grasp how popular Splinterlands was. The developers aren’t ashamed to let players no that Splinterlands has its own economy and the cards have a real-world value. Not to mention the +4.5$ million that has been awarded as tournament prizes up until now. This is all to say that there are real consequences if you lose, so upgrading your cards regularly is encouraged.

How To Upgrade Cards In Splinterlands

Basically, upgrading your cards in Splinterlands is among the few ways that you progress into the game and rack up the prizes. It works in a simple way: Duplicate cards can be combined to upgrade your card.

Depending to what level you want to upgrade the card, you will need a different amount of duplicate cards. Upgrading it has a chance of upgrading its DPS, tankiness, health, abilities, and more.

At the moment it seems like there are only 10 levels cap in the game. Either way, this is how you upgrade cards:

  1. Go to “Cards” in the top-left menu.
  2. Filter cards by “Owned”.
  3. Select a card that you want to upgrade.
  4. Once you’re on the next page, you can click the combine button to combine duplicate cards and upgrade the one you currently have selected.
  5. A browser prompt will come up asking you whether you’re sure about upgrading the card, you’ll need to click either “Yes” or “OK”, if you want the upgrade.

If you’re not aware of how many cards you need for what level or you are trying to work out whether the upgrade is in any way useful, go to “Stats”.

In the stats tab, you can see all of the levels and stats for each level consecutively. Also, there will be a list of available abilities for each level. Use this to plan out your upgrades.

On the other hand, if you’re missing some duplicate cards, you can quick buy some by going to the “For Sale” tab. It will give you a list of cards that you can purchase and their prices.

Written by Borut Udovic

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