Square Enix Says They Will Soon Release a New Marvel’s Avengers Roadmap

Square Enix will soon release a new roadmap for Marvel's Avengers
Image Via Square Enix

While Marvel’s Avengers, first released in 2020, sold an awful lot of copies, the game has been a financial disappointment for Square Enix. The developer, though, is constantly moving to improve the game.

The first new character introduced to the game was Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), who became available in December of 2020. Bishop is now the main character in a new Disney+ show and has been a popular addition to the game.

And this fall saw the first appearance of Spider-Man. While it took quite some time for the web-crawler to make an appearance, many gamers saw it as worth the wait.

And now, Square Enix plans on further improving the game. On their website, the company recently revealed that a new roadmap for the game will be coming early in the new year.

Square Enix will soon release a new roadmap for Marvel's Avengers
Image Via Square Enix

First, the company addressed some of the bugs in the game, writing, “After a lot of hard work to give you our first Raid, Discordant Sound, and Spider-Man for PlayStation players, the Crystal Dynamics team is preparing for the holiday break! We will still be tackling bugs and issues while we also prepare for next year for the remainder of the month. Keep an eye out in early 2022 for the next roadmap!”

The blog post continued:

“There was an issue in our Holiday Content patch 2.2.0 (which launched on November 30th) that affected some players who had massive amounts of stored Fragments and Units. We immediately fixed the issue and it stopped occurring soon after our initial discovery. However a number of players lost many hard-earned resources. We plan to reimburse those players as soon as our next patch, slated for release next week. We’ll have more information about our plan and what you can expect soon.”

Exactly what will be in the new roadmap is yet to be revealed. You can read the full post here

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