Stadia Players Compete On Worm Game Before It Disappears Forever

Stadia Players Compete On Worm Game Before It Disappears Forever

Even the most successful and powerful companies fail, and it’s always an event when they have to shut down a project. Stadia was Google’s attempt to compete in the online gaming market with its own platform. However, it didn’t work out, and the service will be shutting down this week. In response, a surge of players have signed on to get a high score on Worm Game, the platform’s apparent flagship title. Some very impressive gameplay footage is popping up as a result as Stadia experiences one last hurrah in the game that helped introduce it to the world.

Worm Game On Google Stadia

Before Google Stadia officially launched in 2019, it released Worm Game as a way for potential subscribers to experience the platform’s features. After the service became active, however, Stadia struggled to keep up due to a variety of issues. The most prevalent and simple was that the platform was not providing titles that players wanted.

Clearly Worm Game is different. In the final days of Stadia’s functionality, players are signing on to play Worm Game to get the highest score. As discussed by Eurogamer, this is due to a desire to get to the top of the leaderboards before they vanish forever. Stadia will shut down early on January 18, so whoever’s name is at the top of the board at that time will be an official and final champion forevermore.

A game doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun, and Worm Game isn’t exactly complicated. This simple and challenging 2D game takes place in a brightly-colored and contained area. The gameplay is based on the classic Snake, and the goal is the same. You play a worm that is constantly moving in whichever direction it’s facing. Restricted to the four primary directions, you need to turn the worm towards pellets to earn points and make the worm longer. This makes the game more challenging as the worm grows, since its own body becomes an obstacle.

Worm Game was the opening act for Google Stadia, and it looks like it will be the closing act, too. As players vie for the top spot on the game’s scoreboard, it’s only a matter of time before one player is crowned victor supreme for eternity. We’ll be finding out tomorrow, when Stadia finally goes offline.

Written by Andrew Smith