Stands Awakening Complete Tier List

Stands Awakening Complete Tier List

Roblox has a great community full of talented people. These people then create different games using the different utilities that Roblox offers. These games are then free to play and enjoy by the whole Roblox community.

Stands Awakening is a Roblox game developed by monosally. Currently, many people are working on Stands Awakening because of its popularity. It’s a revamp of another popular game called A Bizzare Day Modded (ABDM) and is currently in its beta phase.

Stands Awakening: Tier List

The game is based on the very famous JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga and anime series created by Hirohiko Araki. In Stands Awakening, you can trade, fight, and use special Stands that each has their own unique, different skills, abilities, and attributes. To help you choose the best Stand for your playstyle, we’ve gathered a community-made tier list that ranks the best Stands in Stands Awakening.

Stands Awakening Tier List

These different Stands are ranked according to their PVP or combat value and how suitable they are to be used during combat.

Since there are too many Stands to each discuss, we’ll only be discussing a few hand-picked ones that the Stands Awakening community believes to be the top Stands in the game.

The Top Stands Explained

Ultimate Life Form (ULF)

The ULF stand offers insane damage at all ranges. It also has overall good durability, mobility, and blocking. Additionally, the Stand has passive regeneration, has a fast walkspeed, and is great for killing both tanky and non-tanky enemies.

One thing you should take note of, though, is that you can have a hard time hitting opponents with the ULF’s close-range moves. You can also easily be countered by Time Stop, and your Ultimate Light Blade Air Slash move can easily be dodged by a good player.


The Oni Stand provides amazing damage, incredible durability and can reduce damage by up to 87.5% by blocking. It also has great combo potential if you can capitalize on its skills. Finally, the Oni Stand has great mobility with the Demonic Dash and is very spammable, allowing you to quickly position.

Unfortunately, the Oni Stand has low health, so it’s mainly a high risk-high reward type of Stand. You can also struggle to reach opponents who are up high because of the Stand’s low range. But, if you can get close to your opponents, they’re in for a lot of trouble.

Jotaro’s Star Platinum (JSP)

One of JSP’s best aspects is that all of its moves have a relatively low cooldown and leave a slow effect. This can be quite annoying to deal with if you can consistently hit your moves. It also has godly damage and the Time Stop ability that counters a lot of other Stands.

However, the JSP Stand struggles at range. It only has one ranged move, and it has a long cooldown and can be hard to hit. You also have a very limited moveset. Only having four offensive moves in total makes it hard to do a combo.

Sonic/ Sonic.EXE

The Sonic Stand is actually based on the blue-colored speedster himself, Sonic. Even though Sonic isn’t actually canon in JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, he still made it into the game. Obviously, Sonic is going to have insane mobility and is hands down the fastest Stand in the game. It also has some passive regeneration and can fly.

Sonic doesn’t have good durability, though, and can easily be killed by high-damage moves. Time Stop also greatly counters you if you aren’t in the air. However, if you can get your hands on Sonic.EXE, you have an insta-kill ability and increased durability.

Solar One More Time (SOMT)

The Solar One More Time Stand is an amazing-looking Stand. It also provides good damage output, has a very high durability, and has great blocking powers because of your passive.

SOMT only has four offensive moves, though, which can make it quite limited. It also has a limited range and can struggle against faster Stands. It also struggles quite a bit against stands with passive regeneration abilities and Stands with longer ranges.

Dio’s The World/ Dio’s The World OVA (DTW/OVA)

The DTW Stand has a pretty good moveset that allows for different combos. It also has the strongest knives in the game that stacks up to deal 150 damage if all perfectly hit. DTW also has low cooldowns with no knockbacks making it easier to land combos.

Despite it having amazing combo potential and damage potential, it doesn’t have great durability. You’re essentially a glass cannon who deals high damage but can easily be killed when hit.

Whitesnake: Alternative Universe (WS: AU)

Like most Stands on the list, WSAU has great damage output. It also has great durability and blocking, which reduces up to 90% of damage received. You can also disable and counter other players’ abilities using your Disc Steal ability.

WSAU struggles with opponents that like to rush, though. You also have a limited moveset, making it hard to start combos. Your Barrage is also quite slow, which gives you a disadvantage.

Gold Experience Requiem (GER)

The Gold Experience Requiem Stand offers high damage output, good durability, has the ability to self-heal, and can even heal others. It also has good block, reducing damage by up to 90%. It can also bypass every counter in the game, making it extremely good and valuable.

You need to be wary of set-up moves since you can easily be trapped in combos. The GER Stand only has one ranged move, making your range limited. Finally, you can easily be countered by stronger Stands if they are good players.

King Crimson Requiem (KCR)

The last Stand we’re going to be talking about is the King Crimson Requiem Stand. The KCR has high damage output and good mobility. It also has two invincibility moves that you can attack in. Your Erasure Skip can be used as a reliable dodging tool because of its short cooldown.

You can be betrayed by your aura since it can still be seen in most scenarios. KCR doesn’t have any projectiles and has a weak block, making you mostly rely on your mobility and skills to dodge. You can also struggle against Stands with higher speeds.

Those were our breakdown of some of the strongest and best Stands to use in Stands Awakening. Hopefully, this tier list helps you get better at the game and dominate your opponents.

Written by Borut Udovic

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