Star Ocean The Divine Force: How To Use Chain Combo

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is an action role-playing game where players can move freely and explore the open world while having the total freedom to even fly around the skies. Your character is equipped with unique abilities and high-speed movement attacks allowing you to subdue enemies quickly.

This guide will tell you how to use the chain combo attack in the game.

How To Use Chain Combo – Star Ocean The Divine Force

In order to use the chain combos in the game, first open the inventory and go to the party menu.

Here you need to select the character that you like to perform the combo with.

Once you have selected the character, access the chain combo menu and equip the combo of your choice. You will find the details of every attack combo as well as their statistics such as the damage that they deal etc.

Now go to an area full of enemies and then press the corresponding buttons to perform the attack combo. These combos can be really helpful in situations where you are surrounded by enemies as they can be used to deal additional damage and knock out your opponents easily.

That’s it, now go ahead and use these attack combos to your advantage in the game!

Written by Borut Udovic

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