Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Release Date Leaks on Steam

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Release Date Leaks on Steam
Photo Credit: Electronic Arts

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release date has been revealed in what surely was planned to be a surprise reveal at The Game Awards. According to an updated Steam listing, the newest Star Wars title from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment will release on March 15th, 2023. 

This matches earlier speculation of the gaming coming in the Spring of next year.

Revealed in May, the sequel Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features the return of Cal Kestis. The teaser trailer is light on details, but we know Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is releasing on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. There are no plans for an Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch release. 

The official synopsis hints that the story focuses on Cal’s growth from a Padawan to a Jedi Knight. The story picks up five years after Fallen Order. Pushed to the galaxy’s edge by the Empire, Cal faces new and old threats. The same “cinematic combat system” from the original is featured in the sequel. 


One new highlight for Survivor is the promise of venturing to new and familiar planets within the Star Wars universe.

Two sets of pre-order bonuses are planned according to the leak, as captured by Wario64 on Twitter. Traditional pre-order bonuses feature the Hermit Cosmetic for Cal Kestis, the Hermit lightsaber set, and the Combustion blaster set. The Deluxe Edition features the Scoundrel and Rebel Hero cosmetics, Rebel Hero lightsaber set, DL-44 blaster set, and the Rugger and BD-Astro cosmetics for BD-1. 

Beyond the official confirmation of the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor release date, expect a new trailer and more details to be announced at The Game Awards. 



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