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Star Wars Squadrons Split-Screen | How to Play Multiplayer

Star Wars Squadrons Split Screen

At long last, we’ve got another stand-alone Star Wars space game, and this one’s pretty special. Star Wars: Squadrons is the newest space battle simulator in the Star Wars universe where you play as a pilot flying around a battlefield, typically in multiplayer games. Speaking of multiplayer, Star Wars: Squadrons split-screen has been a question on our minds for a bit as loads of games have gone split-screen recently! Surely, Star Wars would want to take that route, right? …Right?

How to Play Star Wars: Squadrons Split-Screen

Unfortunately, there is no way to play Star Wars: Squadrons in split-screen. The game offers online multiplayer modes, which include VR, but there is no way to play local multiplayer. You’ll have to find online friends to play this one with!

This is a crying shame. One of the best parts of the older space battle simulators was the couch-sharing gameplay. Being on the same computer that your friends are as you try and shoot them out of the air was going to be exciting was an unrivaled experience.

The lack of split-screen play is likely because of the first-person perspective in Star Wars: Squadrons. So, split-screen would have been even harder to use than it was in the originals… And that’s saying something!

This is actually against the mold of what EA used to do. In the last few multiplayer games — including Star Wars Battlefront II — EA added split-screen as an option to play right off the bat.

Does this mean that there’s no hope for Squadrons to get split-screen? No, because the game just came out, so it’d possible to add the mode in a future update. There’s a chance that the programmers couldn’t figure out how to implement the mode on release. So, keep your eye on that update list, and maybe we’ll get lucky!

Written by Andrew Smith