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Stardew Valley | Best Crops for Each Season

Stardew Valley Best Crops for Each Season

Farming might be the most important part of Stardew Valley. Getting the correct crops for the job is so crucial to ensuring that your farm profits. But, the changing seasons can make that a real chore! Because of that, we’ve made a list of the best crops for each season, based on their profit margins! We hope this helps you make your farm the best it can be.

The Best Crops for Each Season in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Best Crops for Each Season

The following are the best crops for each season. Gold calculations are based on purchasing the seeds, purchasing any items required to grow or sell the seeds, and then raising the seeds over the course of their harvest cycle. Generally, the higher gold per day you have, the better your crops will profit for you.

It’s important to know that some of these crops may take more time to find than others. For example, you may only purchase Rhubarb from the Oasis shop. You may also want to grow a variety early on to add them to collections.

Best Crops for Spring

  • Strawberry: about 20.83 gold per day, with diminishing returns over time.
  • Rhubarb: 9.23 gold per day
  • Cauliflower: about 7.92 gold per day
  • Green Bean: 7.2 gold per day
  • Potato: between 5 and 8.33 gold per day, depending on the random chance to gain another potato.

Best Crops for Summer

  • Starfruit: about 26.92 gold per day
  • Blueberry: 20.8 gold per day
  • Red Cabbage: about 17.78 gold per day
  • Melon: about 14.17 gold per day
  • Hops: 13.52 gold per day

Best Crops for Fall

  • Cranberries: 18.89 gold per day
  • Pumpkin: 16.92 gold per day
  • Grape: 16.8 gold per day
  • Artichoke: 16.25 gold per day
  • Beet: 13.33 gold per day

Best Crops for Winter

There are no winter crops! Planting Winter Seeds in the winter produces forageables. Technically, none of these are farmer crops and will not benefit from anything of from farmer profession points.

Special Crops

These crops may be more important for things like crafting food or getting achievements. However, if you wish to know their gold per day, here they are!

  • Sweet Gem Berry: 83.33 gold per day
  • Ancient Fruit: 57.14 gold per day
  • Pineapple: 28.57 gold per day
  • Cactus Fruit: 11.11 gold per day. Matures over time to 24.11 gold per day.
  • Taro Root: 10 gold per day. Improves to 14.29 if well irrigated.
  • Tea Leaves: Sells for minimal, crafting recipe is free. Better for green tea.
  • Fiber: 1 gold per fiber.

Ancient Fruit and Sweet Gem Berry dominate… But, Ancient Fruit is extremely rare, and Sweet Gem Berry can be used to get Stardrops.

Written by Andrew Smith