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Stardew Valley Crab Pot | How to Use

Stardew Valley Crab Pot - How to Use

There are a few ways to interact with the ocean and water in Stardew Valley. You don’t have to just throw some bait on a pole and go fishing! You can also passively gather some objects from the sea that you can collect at your leisure. The Crab Pot in Stardew Valley is an alternative resource gathering device that is perfect for fishers looking for a little extra dough at the end of the month. This isn’t the most lucrative option for fishing, but it is incredibly low maintenance! So, let’s learn how to use this little crab pot so you can collect some items.

How to Use the Crab Pot in Stardew Valley

How to Use the Crab Pot in Stardew Valley

The Crab Pot of Stardew Valley is acquired at Fishing Level 3, and is crafted with 40 Wood and three Iron Bars. Alternatively, you can purchase it for 1500g at Willy’s Fish Shop, as long as you’ve hit Level 3. You can place it into the water by selecting it in your inventory and clicking in freshwater, lakes, rivers, or the ocean, after which you will need to place Bait in it. After a short amount of time, you may return and interact with the Crab Pot to receive whatever item is floating above it in a “speech-bubble” cloud.

Despite all of this, the Crab Pot is likely not the best source of fishing. The “Fisher” profession is very lucrative, and Trapper is just not as good in general.

The trap must be baited before you can catch anything. You can use any of the bait options, such as Bait, Magnets, Wild Bait, and Magic Bait. Simply interact with the Crab Pot with bait in your hand to get it ready for a catch.

Now that it is baited, you have to wait for a catch. Until Fishing 10, you will always have a high chance to get Junk items. The junk items can be recycled into semi-useful materials but are otherwise worthless.

Placing a Crab Pot in the ocean will often yield some fish. You can get Lobster, Clam, Crab, Cockle, Mussel, Shrimp, and Oyster drops in the Ocean. If you select the Mariner perk, they have all equal chances. Otherwise, Lobster is very rare from the ocean.

Freshwater includes lakes, rivers, and ponds that normally yield trash will yield these items. You can even place Freshwater Pots in Sewers, though we recommend against placing any in the Mines. The Mines will destroy your traps permanently. You also can’t place them in the town. These traps will occasionally produce Crayfish, Snails, and Periwinkles at around the same rate of return.

Written by Andrew Smith