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Stardew Valley | How to Rotate Furniture

Stardew Valley Rotate Furniture Guide

After many hours of establishing a decent farm life in Stardew Valley, the number of different items can get overwhelming. Many represent great rewards from magnificent feats, while others are bought just for show. Either way, decorating your Farmhouse or Shed is a lovely pastime activity if you’re packing hours into the game. Naturally, some players are wondering if they can rotate furniture or other items at home. Here’s all you need to know about rotating furniture in Stardew Valley.

How to Rotate Furniture in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - How to rotate furniture

To rotate a piece of furniture in Stardew Valley, simply right-click on it. Xbox and Switch players can rotate furniture using the A button, while PlayStation users need to press the X button. Keep clicking or pressing the button until you’re satisfied with how your furniture is positioned, then the action button to place it.

Keep in mind, however, that not every piece of furniture can rotate. Nor can any piece be moved to any position: While the piece of furniture is green, it will indicate appropriate placement; furniture in red will tell you that it cannot be placed in that certain position. Have the red and green color indicators in mind when rotating your furniture so that you don’t stress yourself out.

Withholding your awesome furniture indoors isn’t your only option for decoration. Placing your goods outdoors is another way to put your many expenses on display. While not all pieces can be placed outside, most certainly can. Again, it’s only a matter of experimentation: See which ones can go outdoors and vice versa. Furniture pieces include chairs, benches, couches, fireplaces, tables, beds, plants, and many more that can be toyed with for your fine decor.

Also, make sure you’re placing your furniture down within your Farmhouse’s vicinity. Anything that goes beyond your limits could potentially be destroyed by walking villagers. This is purely coding, for the villagers aren’t going out of their way to wreck your stuff — it is Stardew Valley after all.

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Written by Andrew Smith