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Stardew Valley Mountain Lake Location | Where to Find

Stardew Valley Mountain Lake

Stardew Valley is home to many, many, many different locales. From volcanos to cities and everything in-between, knowing where you’re going is going to be crucial. However, saying that here’s a “Mountain Lake” in Stardew Valley is absolutely absurd; there are so many mountains that this lake could be part of! What mountain is the game talking about? Thankfully, this is a problem with how the game defines areas, rather than a late-game destination.

How to Get to the Mountain Lake in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mountain Lake

The Mountain Lake is the location directly east of the Tent in the northern part of town. The lake in front of the Mines is the one you’re looking for. You’ll have access to fish from it immediately, and over time, more options will branch out from the lake’s main hub. Feel free to head up to the northern part of town whenever you need.

This lake is awesome for fishing many different items. Largemouth Bass is available all the time. Bullhead, Chub, and Green Algae will consistently spawn as well. Carp are available whenever it isn’t winter. Rainbow Trout are on sunny summer days, and summer is the only time that you can catch the Sturgeon. Walleyes and Midnight Carp can be found in the nighttime during the fall; the Walleye only spawns during a rainy day. Finally, Lingcod, Perch, and Midnight Carp can all be found in the winter.

The Mountain Lake is also the only location where you can find the Legendary Fish “The Legend”… And “Legend II”. If you’re questing after these fantastic fish, you’ll need Fishing Level 10, be away from any land during the rainy weather.

Legend II is a bit easier to catch… But you’ll still need quite a bit of work! You need to get Mr. Qi’s Extended Family Quest in order for it to spawn. Then, it’ll spawn in the Mountain Lake as long as you’re far away from shore.

Stardew Valley doesn’t have an end to it’s content! If you need help gathering more items, we’re happy to oblige!

Written by Andrew Smith