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How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley How to Make Truffle Oil

The Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley provide a wide variety of tasty benefits for the player and the citizens of Pelican Town. Today, we’re looking at Truffle Oil, a noteworthy ingredient that is used for making Rain Totems, which can be used to bring rain to your farm on command. It’s something we recommend doing since consuming the resource offers little help with Health and Energy.

Stardew Valley How to Make Truffle Oil

It’s known that it takes six in-game hours to produce Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley. This Artisan Good is listed as a “gourmet cooking ingredient,” but you can’t really use it in any recipe. However, you need them to create the aforementioned Rain Totems. Here’s what you need to get started when it comes to dealing with this particular Artisan Good.

How to Make Truffle Oil

To make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley, you only need to place a single Truffle into the Oil Maker. Although that might sound simple enough, you first need to know how to make the Oil maker and where to get Truffles.

In order to get the Oil Maker built, you need Slime (x50), Hardwood (x20), and Gold Bar (x1) after attaining Farming Level 8 for the recipe. You can use it to make the regular sort of Oil in the Valley if you’re looking to acquire some cooking oil. This requires Corn (x1), Sunflower Seeds (x1), and Sunflower (1x) to build. Once you have your Oil Maker established, it is time to get you some Truffles.

Expert Tip

While the Oil Maker can generate regular cooking Oil and Truffle Oil, their Health and Energy benefits are relatively low compared to other Artisan Goods. Consider crafting a plentiful of cooked meals with your standard Oil for better results, stats, and Friendship benefits. Gifting Oil to any Villager in Pelican Town is not a good idea – no one seems to like it one bit.

How to Get Truffles

The Truffle is a type of mushroom that pigs spawn on the farm. To make that happen, the pig must be outside the barn. Truffles are worth a lot of gold. Note that pigs do not go out of the barn in the winter, which causes them not to spawn any Truffles. Once you have your pigs and you get yourself some Truffles, you can start making your own Truffle Oil.

Stardew Valley Pigs for Truffles

As an alternative, you can always pay a visit to the Traveling Cart to see what they have in stock. Although it is rare, it is possible to buy some from the vibrant vendor on some occasions for 1,875-3,125g. This all depends on what they are choosing to sell around the time that you get to them. Because of this, stick with the pig route to gain as many Truffles as you can.

How to Craft a Rain Totem

If you’re wishing for rain to come another day, then consider building yourself a Rain Totem. With the Truffle Oil acting as a main ingredient, you will only need two other resources for the recipe: Hardwood (x1) and Pine Tar (x5). This is achievable after you reach Foraging Level 9 in Stardew Valley.

Activating the Rain Totem will trigger the weather to rain the very next day. This is especially helpful if you’re cognizant of specific conditions to catch fish and grow crops. Of course, you could also use the spool at the Sewing Machine with the item to make the Totem Mask.

Besides using it to make Rain Totems, you can sell them for 1,065g, or 1491g if you’re an Artisan. Most Villagers will like to receive Truffle Oil as a gift, and Harvey will love it. On the other hand, Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent hate it, so maybe give them something else instead if you wish to increase your Friendship levels with them.

Stardew Valley Slime Ingredient for Oil Maker

Another thing that you can use it for is tailoring. You can create the dyable Dark Bandana Shirt by using the Artisan Good in the Spool of the Sewing Machine. Finally, there is a quest where Mayor Lewis requests Truffle Oil by mail. You just have to wait until you receive a letter with the request, which will activate the Mayor’s Needs quest on the 21st of Summer in Year 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Truffles without pigs to make Truffle Oil?

While it is extremely rare to occur, players can visit the Traveling Cart from time to time to see if they are selling Truffle Oil. The prices range from 1,875-3,125g if the Traveling Merchant is choosing to sell them at his Cindersap Forest location.

Does the Auto-Grabber work with pigs to get Truffles?

The Auto-Grabber is only capable of harvesting milk, wool, and Ostrich Eggs from animals within a barn. Pigs will not be affected by the Auto-Grabber, leaving all the manual labor to you.

How many days until pigs can produce Truffles so I can make Truffle Oil?

A well-fed and mature pig has the ability to produce Truffles every day. If you’re looking to increase your profits from these mushrooms, consider growing them when their qualities reach the gold and Iridium levels.

Written by Andrew Smith