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Starfield Aceles or Microbe | Which Should You Choose?

Starfield Aceles or Microbe Choice

Every Spacefarer is bound to make some vital decisions in Starfield, whether it benefits themselves or for the good of all humankind. One such occurrence happens during the final UC Vanguard faction mission, A Legacy Forged, where players must choose between two containment options to stop the Terrormorph threat. It comes down to either Aceles or Microbe, both of which offer different results after a debate with the Cabinet of the United Colonies.

Starfield Aceles or Microbe Choice

However, what seems to be the end result here? What happens if you choose one option over the other? It’s essential that we make the right choice here, for many lives are at stake. Not only does this close out the UC Vanguard questline, but it also grants a substantial amount of credits for your efforts, as well as other rewards. Are you curious to see how it all goes down? Whether you pick the Aceles predators or the Microbe weapon to cause biological damage, there’s always an outcome to be aware of. This guide will help you choose between Aceles or Microbe with the UC Vanguard in Starfield.

Aceles or Microbe?

In truth, choosing either Aceles or Microbe in Starfield doesn’t alter any part of the story, or provide any negative consequences. While you are informed of what either choice can do during A Legacy Forged quest, your character won’t face any ramifications for making either choice. It really all comes down to how you morally approach the Aceles or Microbe situation, whether you’re embarking on a good or evil path.

In the end, you’ll receive the same rewards, no matter what decision you make. It’s a matter of what your heart and gut tell you.

What kind of character do you want to be, this decision ultimately asks. You’re initially confronted with the revelation that François Sanon, also known as Vae Victis, is responsible for the Terrormorph trouble that resulted in the loss of life on Earth. Such targeted areas include New Atlantis, Tau Ceti, and more. You’ll be speaking with him via intercom in Subsection Seven within the MAST building of New Atlantis.

You’re then smashed with the difficult objective of either turning in Sanon or not with the Cabinet of the United Colonies. This occurs after you’ve spoken with Sanon’s cloned daughter Major Hadrian Sanon and her associate Dr. Percival Walker. You can discover more information with them by exploring the dialogue options to help you in your decision-making.

It all comes down to speaking with the Cabinet to make your final decisions. Spearheaded by President Alexandra Abello, the Cabinet requires your intake on the Terrormorph matter since they can’t come to a decision. One side favors the Aceles distribution while the other depends on the science of Microbes. In short, the Aceles route is a slower process but a more natural one than the Microbe route, where other lifeforms are at risk for a quicker fix.

Expert Tip

Curious about what may happen to Vae Victis if you choose to turn him in or not to the Cabinet of the United Colonies? Be sure to quicksave your process and discover what rewards you can obtain after making one decision over another. His fate is at stake, as well as more good people when you explore the Aceles or Microbe choice-making process. Be mindful of Hadrian’s feelings as well – she is the Sanon daughter after all.

What Happens After the Aceles and Microbe Choice?

As we mentioned before, the decision is entirely up to you and doesn’t warrant any consequences for your character. The UC Vanguard questline comes to an end, you’ll potentially receive 12,4000-22,000 Credits, 350 XP, and receive Class One Citizen status. Additionally, your efforts helped initiate the day-one action plans for the United Colonies Terrormorph Management Division (TMD). You’re now one of its founding members alongside Hadrian and Percival. Congratulations, Spacefarer!

Starfield UC Vanguard Tuala

Of course, your Vanguard duties don’t just end there. Speak with John Tuala of the UC Vanguard to officially attain your Class One Citizen status. You’ll receive benefits when you do this. With the gift of 12,000 Credits and a penthouse, you won’t want to skip out on talking to Tuala. It’s easily missed, even if President Abello mentions it when the UC Vanguard faction comes to an end in Starfield.

Written by Andrew Smith